Staffing firms have become exceptional partners to both candidates and employers, yet despite the services staffing firms offer, many organizations are still recruiting on their own.  

While the reasons organizations don’t employ staffing firms vary, one thing is certain – misconceptions significantly affect how organizations and candidates perceive staffing firms.  

Let’s talk about the most common myths and misunderstandings about staffing firms.  

Staffing Firm Industry Myths and Misconceptions 

Every decision has its pros and cons, including working with staffing firms. It’s your task to be cautious by learning how staffing firms work, separating the truth from the lies so that you can make informed decisions.  

Myth #1: Candidates Need to Pay to be Part of the Pool 

Initially, staffing firms partner with organizations to fill open roles, matching them with suitable candidates. Candidates don’t have to worry about paying a placement fee just to be part of a staffing firm’s candidate pool. 

All you need to do is connect with a staffing firm, submit your application, and wait for the process to begin. 

Myth #2: Staffing Firms Take Profit From Candidates’ Pays 

In connection to the first myth, staffing firms don’t take profit from candidates. Instead, staffing firms earn from a markup fee that organizations pay. Candidates will get the pay they agreed upon with the organization, and there will be no hidden deductions as they start their careers within an organization. 

Typically, partner organizations would contact a staffing firm if they were short of qualified individuals or needed hiring support. Staffing firms may draft a contract, giving organizations a markup if they’re able to place a talented and seasoned individual.  

Myth #3: Staffing Firms Provide Temporary Work 

Many think that staffing firms only offer temporary work for organizations and candidates. This stereotype occurred due to how people viewed staffing firms in their early years.  

Although staffing firms have temporary offers, it’s not your only option. There are temporary staffing firms that offer temporary roles and professions. However, most firms provide direct-hire opportunities for professionals looking for a career, like ACS Professional Staffing.  

Myth #4: Working With Staffing Firms Take Longer to Hire and to Get Hired 

Working with a staffing firm provides organizations with more than just a pool of qualified candidates. Staffing firms also make it easier for organizations to find talented individuals to fill positions for long-term or short-term commitments.  

Staffing firms have dedicated employees for tasks like checking and sorting resumes, contacting candidates, categorizing roles, and conducting interviews that streamline and organize processes to avoid delays for both candidates and organizations. 

Myth #5: All Candidates in Staffing Firms’ Pools Are Low-Quality 

Another myth that could have stemmed from the early days of staffing firms is that most are low-quality or entry-level candidates who cannot fill high-value posts. 

When the staffing industry emerged, most of the roles they employed were temporary and administrative roles.¹ The industry evolved and expanded over the years, offering specialized firms in many different business sectors and industries. 

Myth #6: Candidates Are Allowed to Work With Only One Staffing Firm 

Candidates are free to work with multiple staffing firms, given that they’ll meet the requirements of the firm they want to work with. Unless the firm asks for an NDA, you can communicate with other staffing firms until you land your dream job. 

You can choose to attend interviews, negotiate rates, and even keep open roles in your pipeline. As a candidate, all you have to do is follow the rules and requirements of each staffing firm you are working with to keep your candidacy active.  

Myth #7: Candidates Lack Expertise in Specific Industries 

While most staffing firms offer varying career opportunities, this doesn’t mean they lack expertise in other fields or the fields they don’t offer. Instead, staffing firms focus on providing specific career opportunities in one or a few areas to help differentiate their brand.  

Staffing firms concentrate their efforts on specific sectors because they are already experts, highly skilled, and knowledgeable in those fields where they have created a vast network. Whether they focus on healthcare, blue-collar, tech, IT, management, accounting, or engineering, be sure to choose the right staffing agency that matches your expertise, experiences, and related industry. 

Myth #8: Candidates Can Find the Same Roles Without the Help of Firms 

According to the 2019 Job Seeker Nation Survey, almost half of the respondents said their jobs came from opportunities presented by their friends and families, and 37% said they found specific job posts through professional private networks.² 

Many positions today are not listed in conventional sources because organizations already work with recruiters and staffing firms to get more qualified hires. Working with staffing firms can open opportunities you may not find alone.  

While there’s still a chance that you can find an exceptional position through standard searching, staffing firms don’t just help find these for you. Aside from that, staffing firms also look for the right match where you can thrive, handle processes from onboarding to payroll, keep you in their database for future opportunities, and are knowledgeable in employment best practices. 

Myth #9: Staffing Firms Don’t Care With Development 

Most staffing firms, especially those that specialize in an industry or niche, heavily invest in their candidates because some agreements on profit are tied to the candidate’s performance. 

Here at ACS Professional Staffing, we ensure that our candidates are best qualified for the role and continue to grow with their careers and the organization they work with. By committing to employee growth and finding the right match, we are able to achieve a 7-year average retention rate for our contractors.  

Myth #10: Firms Disregard Job Satisfaction 

With the ever-changing employment landscape, both candidates and employers are becoming more careful with the people they work with. If a contractor is dissatisfied, they won’t usually stay long with the organization.  

Staffing firms usually ensure that the candidate they’ll place in the open position will be satisfied with the role and the working environment. This satisfaction can resonate with the employer, leading to a positive experience. 

Myth #11: All Staffing Firms Are the Same 

While it is true that all staffing firms are similar in terms of their goals of bridging the employer-candidate gap, many factors differentiate staffing services from one another. It can include field specializations, compensation and benefits programs, employment processes, candidate handling, career development, quality of networks and partner organizations, and the range of services they offer.  

Always consider the pros and cons of the staffing firm you want to work with. Learning these differences will help you make informed decisions – ultimately leading to helping you find the dream job you’ve been searching for. 


ACS Professional Staffing has been matching the best candidates to roles in the engineering, IT, and support industries. We focus on the quality of hire and will ensure that you join an organization that you’ll love and stay with for years to come.  

If you want to narrow your job search, contact us today and learn more about how we can help you in your career! 


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