The pandemic completely disrupted the job market and the world of work in every conceivable way. 

Not more than two years ago, the global economy was at a standstill, as many sectors vital to the economy collapsed due to lockdowns and the worldwide public health crisis. A report from the World Economic Forum mentioned that the job market recession brought on by the pandemic was at a level that had not been seen since the Great Depression. 

In this article, let’s revisit the effects of the pandemic on the job market and learn what sectors and jobs will thrive post-pandemic. 

How Has the Pandemic Affected the Job Market?

As the world gradually emerges from the shadows of COVID-19 in 2022, how is the job market looking post-pandemic? 

For one, the pandemic triggered a preference for skills-based hiring . Suddenly, college graduates are no longer assured of solace with their university diplomas, with 45 percent of hiring managers opting to hire candidates with specific skill sets and competencies. However, by focusing on skills instead of credentials or pedigree, hiring managers can now increase the quality of job matches, enabling them to target job candidates for roles that are hard to fill. 

Another interesting phenomenon is the economic recovery that ensued. If you’re currently looking for a job, you have probably realized by now the plethora of jobs available for you at any given time. For instance, in September 2022, 442,000 new jobs were added, which is an increase of 100,000+ since August 2022. With these figures, many economists say this is the fastest post-pandemic recovery in the last 12 months. 

Suffice it to say that the economic recovery also fuels job growth across many sectors. Still, how has the job market changed since the pandemic? What jobs sizzled, and what jobs fizzled? How should job seekers navigate the job market post-pandemic? 

The Most In-Demand Jobs Post-Pandemic

With the worst of times finally over, and as more job seekers hope to land jobs for the longer term, it’s vital to know the industries seeing the most growth and the career opportunities they’ll nurture. Below is a list of the most in-demand post-pandemic jobs you can explore as a job seeker. 

1. Engineers 

With almost every industry in the global economy now heavily dependent on technology, it’s not surprising that engineers remain in high demand post-pandemic. This is even more true for engineers with specializations in development operations, computer engineers, software engineers, technical support engineers, and process engineers. 

With the world of work now migrating towards remote work and digitization, engineers are expected to lead the transformation towards a world integrated by technology and digital transformation. Moreover, all engineering jobs offer higher than average salaries, and compensation packages are higher in other locations, such as California and the West Coast. 

2. Designers 

According to a 2021 report on trends in the design industry, product designers are currently in the top spot as the most in-demand designers for the next several years. 

Product designers spearhead the design and aesthetics of websites, apps, and other digital products we use regularly. But, aside from product designers, demand is also red-hot for graphic designers, UI and visual designers, UX designers, and motion designers. 

More often than not, these designers work in collaboration with other designers. That being said, it’s not enough that you possess the creativity and craftsmanship to come up with otherworldly designs. You should also have good people management and project management skills to succeed in this field. 

3. Analysts 

Analyst jobs are still scorching hot this year and in the future. This is especially true for information security analysts, which is touted as one of the best jobs of 2022 and beyond . Thus, the job opportunities are vast for this job title. 

With lingering concerns about cybersecurity and the prevalence of cybercrimes, information security analysts are tasked to protect organizations and network systems from data breaches and other cyberattacks. They devise and maintain firewalls and data encryption software and develop security standards and best practices to secure sensitive information. 

4. Information Technology 

Do you like numbers and data and integrating these to come up with something meaningful and insightful? If yes, then you should consider a career in information technology. 

To say that jobs in information technology are abundant in this day and age is still an understatement. In fact, IT jobs are your best bet when it comes to getting employment and good pay. IT jobs are mostly filled today by engineers and other related fields. These include information security engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, artificial intelligence specialists, Java developers, cloud specialists, and automation experts. The list just goes on and on. 

What’s more, is that the demand for IT jobs is equally matched by a generous salary and compensation package for most companies. 

We have talked about full-tech jobs so far. But what will happen to a job seeker whose background is not heavy on tech? This is where project management comes in.

5. Project Managers 

Project managers are generalists who have excellent communication and organizational skills. They are also resourceful critical thinkers who can put things together. Surrounded by ultra-geeks like engineers and data scientists, project managers should be excellent at integrating and synthesizing information and innovations across many disciplines and backgrounds to make things happen. 

Project management is perhaps the best shot that a person coming from a non-tech background can receive a salary that can compete with the paychecks of tech talents. 

6. Data Scientists 

By 2026, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast that jobs related to data science will create 11.5 million vacancies. It’s largely attributed to the fact that data science is a domain-agnostic field. While many data scientists work for the tech sector, many are hired by governments, the business sector, banking and finance, healthcare, and even social services. 

After all, this is the age of data-driven decision-making, and no less than the Harvard Business Review considers the data scientist to be the sexiest job of the 21st century . It’s because data scientists can rummage through data to come up with actionable insights that benefit every economic sector there is. So, you can never go wrong if you choose to venture into data science.   


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