Partnering with a staffing firm can transform the hiring process for employers aiming to secure top talent. According to Statista, 40% of recruiters consider candidate sourcing the most challenging hiring phase.¹ This is where staffing firms come in. 

However, selecting the right staffing partner is not a simple task. To navigate this decision-making process effectively and ensure a productive partnership, ask the right questions before starting a working relationship. We listed seven questions that will help you identify the ideal staffing firm for your company’s hiring needs.  

1. What is the firm’s recruitment process and reach? 

Asking the staffing firm about how they find and choose candidates is essential. It helps you understand if they can find the right people for your company. Learning about their methods, where they look for candidates, and how they decide who’s a good fit will show if they can find people who have the right skills and fit well into your company. 

Knowing how many candidates they have in their talent pool will give you an idea of whether they can get the employees you need.  

2. Does the firm specialize in our industry? 

Assessing the firm’s industry expertise and experience in recruiting for roles like yours is critical to effective talent acquisition. This will assure you they can provide candidates who fit seamlessly into your company’s culture and industry-specific requirements. 

Consider a scenario where you’re a tech startup founder seeking a staffing firm to fill software development and engineering roles. Inquiring about the firm’s expertise in the tech sector reveals its familiarity with cutting-edge technologies, software languages, and industry trends. 

Staffing firms often showcase their successful placements and their networks. This will show how much they understand your specific field, ensuring a higher probability of identifying candidates with the required skills and who will thrive in your company.  

3. How well does the firm screen and assess candidates? 

Let’s say you run a small but rapidly growing company and are considering partnering with a staffing firm to fill crucial roles in customer service. In a meeting with a prospective partner, you inquire about their candidate screening process and whether they conduct background checks on potential hires. 

The firm explains that they have a rigorous recruitment process that includes thorough background screenings for all candidates. They detail their process, which involves checking criminal records, verifying employment history, and confirming educational qualifications. They also assure you that their screening process complies with all legal requirements and industry standards. 

You’ll probably realize the significance of asking this question, especially if trust, reliability, and integrity are vital traits employees should have in handling customer data and managing inventory. Hearing about a prospective staffing partner’s meticulous approach to candidate screening reassures you of their commitment to finding skilled individuals and trustworthy candidates. 

4. What is the firm’s employer brand and reputation? 

There are many staffing firms out there. According to the American Staffing Association, there are around 25,000 recruiting and staffing firms in the U.S. alone.² This is why you need to choose one with good branding and reputation. 

Understanding a staffing partner’s employer’s brand and reputation is crucial as it reflects their industry’s standing and how they treat their candidates and employees. By knowing their reputation, you gain insights into their ability to attract high-quality candidates and build strong relationships with companies, increasing the likelihood of finding the right talent for your business.

Additionally, a positive employer brand suggests they prioritize employee satisfaction, which often translates into their capability to source skilled candidates who possess the necessary qualifications and will stay on to become satisfied employees. 

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5. How stable is the firm’s internal team? 

Assessing the stability of a staffing firm’s internal team holds significant importance in evaluating a potential partnership. The stability of their internal team often reflects reliability, consistency, and expertise within the firm. 

This question is crucial in gauging the firm’s ability to maintain strong relationships with clients and candidates. After all, a stable internal team suggests lower turnover rates, indicating experienced staff who are familiar with the firm’s processes, understand your company’s specific needs, and can consistently deliver reliable services. 

6. Does the firm invest time in understanding the needs and values of the companies it works with? 

Asking whether a staffing firm invests time in understanding your company before partnering with them is also an important question you need to ask.  

First, when the firm takes the time to get to know your company, they’re better at finding candidates who fit well within your organization. This means they don’t just look for people with the right skills but also those who will match your company’s culture, values, and vision. 

Second, if the firm understands your needs, they can quickly find the right candidates. That’s because they know exactly what kind of employees your company seeks. They don’t waste time connecting you with candidates who don’t possess the necessary skills you need. 

Lastly, when the firm knows your company well, they can build a stronger relationship with you. They’ll keep providing candidates that fit your needs even as your company grows and changes. This means you can rely on them to find the right people for your company over time. 

7. How does the firm measure client satisfaction and talent retention? 

To evaluate client satisfaction, firms might employ metrics such as post-placement surveys, feedback sessions, performance reviews, or periodic check-ins. Understanding their chosen methods for measuring talent retention reflects their efforts in ensuring they place candidates who are suitable and likely to stay and thrive within the client’s organization. 

Similarly, they may track talent retention rates, conduct follow-ups with placed candidates, or analyze reasons for turnover to enhance their recruitment strategies. 

Asking about the firm’s way of measuring client satisfaction and talent retention is crucial in assessing its commitment to delivering quality services and maintaining long-term relationships. It also allows you to gauge if they implement proactive measures to ensure client contentment and candidate longevity within placements, providing insights into their accountability and responsiveness to a client’s needs and expectations. 

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At ACS Professional Staffing, we don’t just place candidates; we build long-lasting and helpful partnerships. Choosing the right staffing partner is more than a transaction. It’s about forging a strategic partnership that amplifies your company’s potential for success. 

Our top-notch team has over twenty years of experience placing candidates into roles they love and grow in. Contact us today and get a proactive partner for your staffing needs. 


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