Administrative jobs keep multiple industries running. Without professionals who excel at various administrative skills, a lot of basic office functions will cease to exist, such as data collection, client liaisons, and financial management. As someone currently on an administrative career path, your capabilities have real applications across various companies and industries. Your flexibility in being needed in any department function almost assures you will always be employed. 

But just as with any professional, you are called upon to hone and update your skills, especially with a highly competitive job market nowadays. Constant development for administrative staff is compulsory for individuals like you, especially in the changing job market where new skill sets, such as those with user experience and automation, are becoming higher in demand. Take a look at how you can level up your administrative career and roll with the demands of your jobs in the current era. 

1. Define What Your Career Goals Are 

To move closer to your administrative career goals, it’s important that you are well aware of what they are. Spend time mapping out your career plans. You don’t have to have specific methods to reach your goals, but what’s important here is you can verbalize what your goals are. 

To always be reminded of your goals, have them displayed in an area you’ll always see, like your office table or cellphone. These goals are also effective ways to remind you of why you said yes to your administrative role. It’s better to see them as often as possible in a week. 

2. Seek Further Training and Development 

Approach your human resources and see if there is available training for administrative staff like you. You may also ask if the organization may support employees pursuing training outside, like through online courses. What’s good about asking your organization for support with these kinds of training is it communicates to them that you want to improve while you are with said organization. Chances are they will invest in your training to improve your performance as an administrative employee. 

Take note as well that you don’t have to take training to improve your current skills. Professionals who have a long slate of skills are in higher demand nowadays. With administrative roles finding a niche in almost any organization, imagine what having more skills will do to your resume and how hiring companies will see you. Having more than one administrative skill puts you ahead in the job market. 

3. Join Groups for Administrative Professionals 

Being part of groups like these is an effective means of networking for job searching or collaborations. You can start by looking into social media groups, like Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also look into professional organizations, like the American Society of Administrative Professionals or the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Organizations like these can provide updates regarding various roles in administration, and they even have events or seminars you can attend in. 

4. Apply Your Administrative Skills Through Voluntary Work 

Nonprofit organizations would be welcoming of administrative professionals like you. On your end, if you are truly committed to your administrative career work, offering your services pro-bono reveals a lot about how committed you are to your chosen profession. 

What’s also nice about working with a nonprofit organization is it’s an entirely different atmosphere compared to your organization. You will be able to find new ways to apply what you know as administrative staff. In a nonprofit organization, you can also ask for mentorship from leaders in that organization. The organization can also be asked to be part of your references if you are out to apply for a new job. 

5. More Than a Mentor, Get an Accountability Partner 

Professionals in administrative careers have to master a plethora of skills. They have to be adept at communication across various departments and clients while staying sane in organizing and documenting data. With so many tasks at hand, it’s hard to keep track of your output. If you want to succeed in your current role and grow professionally, you’ll need an accountability partner. 

Accountability partners can be a single person or a group of people in your place of work who are willing to keep you accountable for your tasks.3 You have to agree with these individuals that they will be veracious in reminding you of your responsibilities, but will also be your cheerleader as you go about your work. 

It’s a given that in many working environments, there will always be mentors. However, accountability partners take mentorship to another level as you will not only be monitored for your skills, but also your key responsibilities. For administrative staff like you, hitting your many targets will help in improving your understanding of your craft. That is why an accountability partner will be optimum if you want to be better in your administrative career. 

6. Take on Projects That Challenge Your Current Skills 

Another perspective on doing better in your administrative career is to look for assignments that will test your current skills and understanding of your job role. While taking new courses to acquire new capabilities is also a good idea, exploring how else you can use your administrative know-how will allow you to unravel further possibilities. Chances are, you’ll surprise your supervisors and yourself with how flexible your work role is. 

Ask your supervisors if there are projects available for you to work on that will require the presence of administrative staff. You can also ask different departments if they are open to collaborating with you on short-term responsibilities. What’s good about extending your service to another area of the organization is being able to maximize the breadth of your capabilities and knowledge. Additionally, serving in another department will let you practice problem-solving skills in a new environment, so you get to learn more about the extent of your capabilities as part of the administrative staff. 

7. Be Prepared to Shift Companies When Opportunities Come 

If you have discerned your administrative career goals, you have to be open to possibly going elsewhere to reach them. Especially when you seem to be stuck with the same administrative tasks, and you feel that you have no opportunities for growth in your current organization, you’ll have to explore other opportunities. 

Tread with caution, though. Moving on to the next organization that invites you may not be a helpful move, as it could possibly be a downgrade from your current administrative role. Research well on job openings for administrative professionals and the companies that have openings. Make sure the organization you will transfer to has a good reputation by guiding their administrative staff in your career goals. 


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