Are you looking for a career change or moving into a new industry? Crafting an attention-grabbing resume is the first step toward landing your dream job. Thankfully, the landscape of resume building has evolved with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Using innovative tools to simplify the process, resume builders offer tailored resumes without the hassle, aligning with your career aspirations and industry demands. Let’s dive into the top AI-powered resume-creation tools for 2024.  

Why Should I Use AI in Resume Writing? 

AI resume builders are invaluable tools for job seekers because they streamline the resume-building process, ensure professional formatting, and increase the chances of securing interviews in today’s competitive job market. Many job seekers use AI resume builders for several reasons: 

Efficiency and Timesaving 

Crafting a resume can be time-consuming. AI resume builders simplify this process by providing pre-designed templates, content suggestions, and formatting assistance. This efficiency allows users to craft resumes quickly, especially when customizing resumes for different roles. 

Tailored and Professional Formatting 

AI tools offer a wide range of templates tailored for various industries, positions, and seniority levels. With AI resume-building tools, you can select formats that suit your preferences, ensuring a professional and visually appealing resume that stands out to potential employers. 

Optimization for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) 

Many organizations use ATS to filter through resumes. AI resume builders often optimize resumes by incorporating ATS-friendly elements such as relevant keywords, formatting, and structure, increasing the likelihood of passing initial screenings. 

Content Suggestions and Customization 

AI-driven platforms provide content suggestions, prompts, and recommendations based on industry standards and best practices. This assists users in crafting compelling content that highlights their skills and experiences effectively. 

Error Prevention and Consistency 

AI tools minimize spelling, grammar, and formatting errors, ensuring a polished and error-free resume. Moreover, they enable users to maintain consistency throughout the document, enhancing its overall professionalism. 

Competitive Edge and Personal Branding 

With features like video resumes, interactive portfolios, and visual elements, AI resume builders help candidates stand out from the competition. These tools allow for unique personal branding, making resumes more memorable to potential employers.  

However, it’s worth noting that most employers prefer traditional resumes. It’s best to craft your creative resume depending on the position, industry, and organization you’re applying for. 

Accessibility and Convenience 

AI resume builders are user-friendly and accessible online, allowing users to work on their resumes anytime, anywhere. They provide a convenient platform for job seekers to create, edit, and store multiple versions of their resumes. 

9 Best AI Tools for Resume Writing 

While these tools provide guidance, personalizing the content based on your unique skills and aspirations is crucial. Blend your expertise with AI technology while ensuring an accurate representation of your experiences to craft a standout resume that captivates employers and propels your career forward.  

Once you’re aligned with the values you offer, it’s time to utilize resume-building tools. Here are nine tools you should know in crafting compelling and unique resumes: 

1. Zety  

Zety is many job seekers’ top pick when writing resumes. With 18 fully customizable templates, this AI tool offers professional-looking templates for various job types. Whether you’re an entry-level applicant or a seasoned professional, Zety guides you through the resume creation process. 

This platform will ask you to share your existing resume or start from scratch and make a new one. Just give the AI resume builder some basic information about your education and work history, and it will list the tasks and ideas you’ve learned on its own. Zety also provides valuable tips and prompts, ensuring your resume hits the mark.  

2. takes resume-building to a new level with its AI-driven platform. Offering professionally designed templates and content recommendations, it tailors your resume to specific career goals and industry requirements. Intelligent suggestions from optimize content, ensuring your resume captures hiring managers’ attention. 

3. Enhancv 

Enhancv is another resume builder tool with a drag-and-drop option that uses AI to help you simplify the process of making resumes and CVs. Its AI analyzes your content, providing insights and recommendations for improving overall quality and effectiveness. Enhancv gives you a competitive edge in the job market with beautifully designed templates and tracking features. 

There are three essential parts of this tool:  

  • Summary  
  • Experience 
  • Education 

You can even put the skills, language, and accomplishments on your resume. Also, Enhancv offers an option to change your resume’s fonts and colors, which could make your resume look more professional. 

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4. Rezi 

Rezi is a specialized AI resume writer that optimizes resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Rezi is an AI-powered resume builder that gives you pre-written material for different parts of your resume. Each summary is written for a specific role in your field and is packed with keywords that will help it get through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  

This tool doesn’t stop at resumes; it helps with cover letters, interview preparation, and LinkedIn profile building. Rezi stands out as the all-in-one AI-powered resume builder, automating resume creation, editing, formatting, and optimization.

5. Kickresume 

Kickresume, powered by GPT-4, offers both AI-assisted and manual resume creation options. After logging in, the first thing you do is fill out a short survey about yourself, your work history, education, skills, and interests. The platform will then make your resume, which you can change by adding your own information, altering the format, moving parts around, and more. 

Kickresume empowers users to create visually appealing resumes. Choose from various resume templates, customize sections, and import data from LinkedIn. With over 1500 real-life resume examples and a website builder, Kickresume is perfect for beginners looking to create unique, attention-grabbing resumes. 

6. Jobscan 

Jobscan is a well-known AI resume builder that stands out for its matching capabilities, looking through your skills and experiences and then aligning them with the position you’re applying for. It scans your resume against millions of job postings, offering crucial insights into optimizing your resume based on specific job descriptions and job titles. 

When writing a resume, Jobscan’s AI technology helps find essential keywords and phrases to improve your chances of getting a job. It has a friendly interface and allows users to create resumes quickly. Moreover, Jobscan doesn’t just provide templates; it offers additional resources like resume-building guides and cover letter templates, ensuring you get all the help you need to land your dream job. 

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7. Visual CV 

Visual CV lets you make a video resume and an interactive portfolio. Its feature allows users to create interactive, engaging resumes that can help applicants get ahead of the competition. 

It has smart CV tracking that lets you see how often your CV is downloaded or looked at. This AI tool is useful for making video galleries that look good and help you stand out from other applicants. The platform’s distinct features enable the creation of interactive LinkedIn profiles, making your application memorable in a competitive job market. 

8. MyPerfectresume 

MyPerfectResume has a friendly interface that changes how people make resumes. It stands out for its pre-written phrases tailored to what recruiters look for. 

Offering professional templates and writing tips, this resume writer helps personalize resumes and automate cover letter creation. Its library provides several templates, and the Chrome extension facilitates automatic job application form filling, effectively streamlining your job search process. 

9. Hiration 

Hiration is a versatile AI tool that can be utilized for various purposes, such as resume building, job searching, cover letter writing, interview preparation, and more. The application provides 100 pre-filled content templates to help you create customized and polished resumes. The UI is user-friendly and designed for ATS, providing an excellent user experience.  

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