We all know what a difference a good first impression makes. Research shows most of us form an opinion about trustworthiness of others based on the first impression alone. Simple gestures like a strong handshake or a pleasant greeting influence that initial impression. It is equally important for an organization to make a good first impression with candidates during the interview as this may influence the decision the candidate makes.

It is increasingly competitive to find rockstar talent across all industries due to the high demand for exceptional talent. The engineering and IT industry is no exception. There is more demand for good talent in IT than ever, and this results in a highly competitive hiring landscape. Companies are going out of their way to seek and recruit the strongest candidates. Just as the interview is a great opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate why they are the right person for the job, it is also a golden opportunity for the organization to sell the candidate on the company. When it comes to recruiting top talent, it is important you make a great first impression with the candidate so they choose your organization over another in the face of a competitive-offer situation.

As a hiring manager, it is important to recognize that most strong candidates have several options to choose from. There are a number of factors candidates consider when making a decision to accept a job offer. Most importantly, it’s about the business, the problem space and the potential for making an impact. However, the culture at the company, the team fit and the work life balance are often just as important. Landing the top talent is not easy, and it is imperative that organizations use the interview time as an opportunity to showcase the aspects of the job which are important to the candidate and not easily captured in the job description. The cost of a poor candidate experience is quite high. Losing top talent due to a poor candidate experience may mean losing a great manager or even a future executive. But it doesn’t stop there. Candidates often share their experience with others, particularly if they have a poor candidate experience. This may keep other rockstar candidates from applying for the position, and this cost, though hard to measure, is high.

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