3 Reasons You NEED to Use a Niche Staffing Firm

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As an engineer seeking your next opportunity in the market, you are likely well aware that being effective while on the job hunt requires an excellent professional network, insider knowledge about new positions, and the resources to help you focus your efforts to their most successful ends.

Working with a staffing firm is an excellent option for engineers looking to advance their careers. If you want to make sure your career consultant is focusing on the industry and types of positions that you will most likely benefit from, you need to work with a staffing firm that possesses the industry know-how and connections that will put your resume in front of the employers who are right for your skill set.

Industry Connections

Your professional network, and that of your staffing firm, is likely your single-most valuable resource while on the job hunt. Working with a niche staffing firm connects you with the employers and recruiters who are best suited for employing you. It takes a unique knowledge set to navigate the competitive job market, and recruiters are ideally placed to connect businesses looking for specialized talent and the professionals who are going to fill those positions. By working with a firm who knows what companies are hiring engineers and for what positions, you have given yourself an edge over the competition.

Staffing Firms Have Long-Term Relationships With Employers

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive job market, leading industry professionals are always thinking about the next step in their career success. Working with a staffing firm provides the kind of support that engineers need to grow their career — both in the short and the long term. Developing these types of relationships with staffing firms and with industry-leading employers provides you with the types of opportunities that can last a lifetime. Partnering with a staffing firm that has connections could land you in a position that isn’t posted yet, or could result in a recommendation to another related employer. Even if an opportunity doesn’t pan out at the present time, staying in touch with a staffing firm can lead to exciting opportunities down the road that you might not otherwise have access to.

Extending Your Resources

Working with a recruiter is all about extending your job search resources. Staffing professionals specialize in what they do — in much the way that engineers do. They provide recruits with the sorts of resources that the layperson simply does not have ready access to. A specialized staffing firm is focused on providing the resources that are most valuable to professionals in niche markets, like electrical engineers working in energy/utilities or IT security professionals with power grid experience.  That focus and attention to detail is what helps professionals land the job they are looking for. Using a niche staffing firm like ACS will help you extend your reach, while remaining focused on your target objective: A great job.

For more help and information on how to maximize your efforts during your job search, contact the experts at ACS Professional Staffing today!

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