3 Things IT Staffing Firms Can Do That You Can’t

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Whether you have been looking for IT employees for a week or for a few months, chances are you have come to the realization that recruiting on your own can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. What with an overwhelming number of job boards and websites available to employers today, and the amount of time and effort it takes to pin down a high-quality candidate, it is recognizably difficult for employers to find and attract the right professional for the job. That’s where working with a staffing firm comes in handy, particularly a niche staffing firm trained and prepared to help you find your next IT professional. This article will provide the top three reasons why a company should use an IT staffing firm to find the best candidates for their open IT positions. The reasons might just surprise you.

Reduced Workload

The biggest and most obvious reason companies turn to staffing firms to assist with recruitment is the amount of time and energy recruiting can take, particularly for those who are inexperienced in the act of recruiting. Are you a project manager who also needs to take on the burden of recruiting and hiring your office’s IT support? Maybe your company’s demand for new employees simply exceeds your ability to find and place great talent.  Whatever the reason, working with an experienced and industry-savvy staffing firm can ease the burden. That’s in part because staffing is what we do. Our product is talented and qualified IT staff practically custom designed for your unique job posting. As we focus our efforts on locating, prescreening, and hiring IT staff, we are in a unique position to pinpoint the right person for your job, quicker and using less resources than if you had done the work yourself.

Wider Network

Just as employers have a wide network of employed business connections based on past projects, collaborations, client contracts, and professional associations, we have a wider network of qualified candidates looking for their next opportunity. These industry connections are the result of many hours of prescreening interviews, reviewed resumes, conversations, and meetings with candidates to discover what they are really looking for, what they are actually skilled and qualified to do, and whether they are likely to do well within a position such as the one you are looking to fill. Too many job applicants are willing to send out their resumes in response to any job opportunity they come across online. As an employer, you have the option to wade through hundreds of resumes, none of which really fit the roles and responsibilities you are looking to support, or you can turn to a staffing firm who will be able to quickly and honestly provide a list of real, qualified candidates interested in working for you.

For more information on why you should use a staffing partner, or what a staffing partner can offer your business, contact the experts at ACS Professional Staffing today.

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