The Importance of Not Being an “IT Job Hopper”

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The IT industry is a unique arena for job seekers. There are any number of opportunities at any given time, even more so considering how quickly the technology field is changing. It may be tempting, as a job seeker, to jump from one interesting project to the next in hopes of finding the best opportunities for career growth and compensation. But reader beware, job hopping – particularly in the IT industry – can put a bit of a negative spin on your resume. In today’s article, we discuss why you may want to consider sticking around for a while longer, for the good of your long-term career.

A Lack of Employer Loyalty

Employers are looking for the type of employee who is committed to the work and to the company. Experience is the best indicator of future performance, so you can be sure that prospective employers are looking to see how long you stayed committed to your past jobs. Employers spend a great deal of time and financial resources in recruiting and training new employees. So it makes sense that they would want to hire the type of workers who want to work for the same company long enough for them to see a good return on that investment.

Stuttering Career Growth

Employers are also interested to see whether you provided the sort of skills and quality of work that resulted in promotions and increasing responsibilities within a position. Jumping from employer to employer for each move along your career path fails to show an employer’s satisfaction and confidence in your abilities. In order to achieve those internal promotions, you likely will need to remain with a single company for at least a few years.

Gaps in your Career History

You might be surprised, but gaps in your career history may be the single biggest turnoff on your resume. Whether you had difficulty finding new employment after a layoff, took time away from work to focus on your family, or even to go back to school, you should be prepared to explain any career gaps and spin them in a way that shows you are a stronger potential employee because of them. If you voluntarily left (or involuntarily left) a position before you had another opportunity lined up and waiting, you will need to explain the situation to prospective employers.

Whether you are tempted to do a bit of job hopping to build experience, find more engaging work, or seek out new and more exciting opportunities, it is important to keep in mind how your decision will look within the greater context of your work history. Career job hoppers, (especially in such a demanding industry as IT), tend to look like they can’t make up their minds, and are unlikely to do so in the future.

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