What to Do When Your References Aren’t Responding

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You worked hard to find that perfect job which was seemingly a perfect match to your skill set. You went to resume workshops and finally figured out a way to get your application noticed. You think you aced the interview. But have you ever found yourself chasing down that hard-to-find reference who is never available to take the call? That could be a serious problem. References are a critical final step of the hiring process. Please read on to find out how to successfully manage this important step in your job hunt.

Why Are References Important?

Once you are able to convince the hiring manager that there is a good match between the job requirements and your skill set and experience, checking references is often the last step between you and your dream job. References are a great source of information about you for the potential employer. Since the cost of a bad hire is increasingly high, companies often rely on a reference check as an important data point in making their final decision.

Finding the Right Reference

Finding the right reference is just as important as any other step while preparing to interview for a new job. It’s good to look over your list of references and select a few who know you from past work experience, which is most relevant to the position that you are applying for. The references you provide on a job application should be the colleagues who have good things to say about you. The folks who have respect for you as a professional and would like to see you succeed often make for good references. The references must be able and willing to take the call from the hiring manager. They need to provide the most accurate information about your work experience and work ethic, ideally using examples from the time they worked with you.

Working With the Reference

Irrespective of how well you know your reference, getting a call from the potential hiring manager should never be a surprise to the person you use as a reference. At the very least, reach out and get permission before using the person for reference. Ideally, after your interview, circle back and prepare your references for a potential call. It is not a bad idea to share additional information about the position that you are interviewing for in order for your references to be better prepared with relevant examples for the call.

You should never underestimate the value of having great references. This may be the last boost you need to land that perfect job. For more tips on how to line up your references for a job hunt in the greater Portland or Vancouver areas, connect with one of the experienced career advisors at ACS Professional Staffing today.

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