Company pride is instilled in employees from day one of employment. However, as days go by, employees might eventually lose sight of that sense of pride in the organization. With employees placing importance on a sense of belongingness with their company, a lost connection to company pride could domino into people reconsidering their employment and pursuing the growth they desire elsewhere. 

To prevent turnovers from happening, how can a company rebuild employees’ sense of belongingness and pride? How can you reinforce a sense of vigor in your employees as they work? What can they use as a motivation for overcoming challenges and working proactively to ensure company success? 

Latching on to the company’s core purpose, mission, and values plays a huge part in answering these questions. More than monetary benefits, many employees now look for progressive companies with strong core values.

Here are the practical ways you can continue fostering your core values to boost company pride among your employees: 

1. Encourage Interaction Beyond Tasks 

Working for any company will always involve reaching key performance indicators (KPIs). Sometimes the urge to go beyond these can prevent employees from connecting with each other beyond the workload they have for the day. Communication and interaction in the workplace result in better work engagement  for employees and their managers. 

As employees return to the office or still choose to work from home, promoting the addition of a human touch to the messages and any form of exchange can help lighten the load of the daily grind. Encourage your employees to establish rapport even when writing. They can start with basic pleasantries in the morning or an email. Use the office space wisely by adding spaces that encourage interaction among your employees, such as a library or a pantry. Food and coffee are almost always good conversation starters. 

2. Recognize the Value of Good Managers 

Your managers serve as the bridge between you and your employees. Having good managers means having good people movers for the company’s best interest. They provide better insight into each employee and how to motivate them further to achieve results. 

You may think managers need to be highly skilled, experienced, and have impressive educational backgrounds. But those have more weight at the beginning of the application process when looking for skilled employees that you can expect to grow within your company. 

People skills are what make good managers last in an organization. Someone who can understand when an employee has a crisis and acts to help them handle it. An effective manager will help build camaraderie and encourage active participation, not unhealthy competition in the company. Additionally, having a good manager will save the company from attrition because the employees can trust that their opinions and thoughts will be heard by their manager. 

3. Build a Sense of Community 

A sense of community is essential in any company, and the pandemic has even proven it necessary. Employees have the need and want to protect and pull each other up. With employees having different life stories and situations, they have different needs and family arrangements. 

For instance, a single employee living with an aging parent will have hospital checkups they need to attend. During this time, when an office friend informs them of anything they missed during a busy work week or even takes on a few tasks on their behalf is something they would appreciate. This sense of community will be one of their reasons to look forward to returning to work and staying. 

4. Listen to and Involve Your Employees 

You can also study your employees about how they feel and what can be improved in the company. As people’s perceptions of work change, so will their needs and how they are met. By listening to your employees through different means, such as asking for feedback on simple to bigger changes in the office space, you give them a sense of your vulnerability. This shared notion of vulnerability may help your employees relate to you more as a company. 

As businesses stay longer, newer and more efficient processes come up. When you involve your employees in matters that directly affect them, it could boost their morale further. Your employees will think of you as a company that considers them a partner in improving the business. They have a better image of what’s happening on company grounds and would be happy to contribute more to the company’s success.   

5. Invest in Your Branding Internally and Externally 

Your company’s image, both externally and internally, matters. These two peas in a pod in the corporate landscape can change how your employees see you as an employer and help you attract more and better applicants. There are different ways to improve your image internally and externally. 

Deep Within

Employees who notice that management doesn’t honor its core values may start doubting the company. These can form cracks in the smallest units within the company and become broken pieces that may be too difficult to mend back. Thus, as their employer, you’ll have to live up to the core values you set. 

Recollect your core values as a company in a way that resonates with each member. For instance, does your company value diversity? In what ways does your company celebrate diversity? Remind employees regularly about your company values through company-wide email blasts or posts about diversity-related holidays. 

Reconnecting your employees with your company values must be more than lip service. Celebrating the moments of your diverse employee or their loved ones can help them look forward to working with you. Moreover, it can build and strengthen a strong emotional connection to the organization. 

Inside Out

The official social media account and website can only do so much in endearing applicants to the company. The company must have a strong reputation among its past employees and applicants through online reviews and posts. Hence, you will need to ensure that your strategic communications team will be carefully consistent in showcasing the company’s values online and at external events. 


More than compensation, employees and candidates need to believe in their company wholeheartedly. Hence, making your organization a safe space for employees to express themselves and be part of will be your advantage. At ACS Professional Staffing, we can help boost your company’s pride with the intent of long-term success. We build long-term partnerships with our clients and employees and with our own staff. You can expect our staffing experts to be with you throughout the process, even after.
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