2022 has been quite a rollercoaster ride for many organizations and employees. From the Great Resignation to the Great Rehiring and massive tech layoffs, the employment landscape has been unpredictable. This makes the recruiting process exciting and exhausting.  

Chasing after the most suitable candidate is a complex process, and strategies keep evolving every year. Hiring managers and recruiters are constantly seeking better negotiation tactics to locate the best candidates. Employing different and improved hiring approaches to get the candidates you want is both attractive and productive. Your organization will have its own specific policies in its hiring, adding  unique flavor. 

A look back at hiring candidates in 2022 revealed that it needed to be data-driven, diversity-oriented, and branding-conscious. Organizations needed data analytics to process and understand thousands of applications. And this is what the data presented 

Candidates Want Convenience and Efficiency in 2023

Your candidates have schedules and goals of their own. Unlike in the past when organizations had more power over applicants, today’s recruitment process demands more accountability from the organizations. As early as recruitment, candidates will look into an organization’s background and read the hiring process.  

These candidates will scour social media and forums to know how the organization hiring process goes. Unsurprisingly, some candidates will share tips and tricks for passing an assessment or interview. Your candidates want to learn more about the position and the organization. The recruitment team and its process will be their first glimpse of the organization.  

For a convenient and efficient hiring process for your candidates, you can include the following in your hiring process; 

  • Resume-Screening Application/s  

If your hiring managers and staff have been in the recruitment business for a while, they are aware of thousands upon thousands of resumes they will screen depending on the role. Screening thousands of resumes is painstakingly time-consuming and mentally exhausting.   

One solution is using human resource applications with a resume-screening function. Resume-screening software applications available today could sort through candidates specific to the roles of the position. A data-driven recruitment process is convenient and efficient for your organization and the candidates.    

  • Efficient Email Correspondence  

Spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets have functions that can enable recruiters to send emails effortlessly from their databases. There is also recruitment software available for a fee for organizations searching for the best candidates for their openings. The convenience and efficiency of these digital technologies make the search of a new career slightly more bearable for the candidates.  

Your candidates may want to do an initial interview quickly. Both candidates and recruiters alike are known to ghost each other. Keep in mind that your candidates are also afraid of being ghosted. So, automating certain processes in the recruitment process will save your candidates’ unnecessary heartache.  

  • Automated Interview Software  

Some organizations go the extra mile by employing software for automated interviews. Automated interviews could be better. However, these can make applications easier for candidates living in different time zones. For those switching organizations or careers, automated interview software can help them showcase their personality and eagerness to land the role without compromising their earnings in the current one.  

With the help of video interview applications, candidates who experience anxiety can have time to answer questions with more thought and process. In-person interviews are great for roles requiring real-time interactions, such as sales. Client-facing roles will benefit from the spontaneity that some interview formats have. But positions that require thorough taking may benefit from candidates that have enough time to prepare and gather their thoughts before answering.

Stable Career Development and Enough Support

Your candidates will ask you about how the organization provides career development opportunities and support for hard work. Some may be willing to take a pay cut in exchange for professional development that the organization will provide. Upskilling within the organization is sustainable as your future employee will be more equipped to hoist the sales during a storm the organization might face.  

The hiring staff of your organization should include support in all forms that the organization can provide, highlighting its dedication to health. Mental health and overall health are the primary considerations that employees have in staying. Your candidates will want to work for an organization that nurtures and is considerate; 

Flexible in Work Arrangements

The varied work arrangements that became more popular after the pandemic will remain. Many candidates will negotiate a work arrangement that suits their lifestyle and personality best. For the past two years, candidates have been choosing from different work arrangements – I.e., office-based, work-from-home, remote, or hybrid setup. These options will also open the organization to a more diverse talent pool.  

As you open your organization to different work arrangements, you will attract some of the best talents who may live across the state or abroad. Allowing for this convenience also eases the organization’s financial burden of maintaining a vast office’s high operational cost.  

Clients Also Want Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Diversity, equality, and inclusion will matter in the recruitment process. Employees have been reported to feel less motivated to work for organizations with poor diversity, equality, and inclusion policies. Remember that candidates will ask about your organization’s policies on these.  

These are not mere buzzwords but relate to work culture on a deeper, more humane approach. Hiring can cause a lot of anxiety for candidates, and without diversity, equality, and exclusion policies, the hiring process can feel invalidating and insolating. 

Staffing Firms Can Help You With Your Candidates’ Wants

Many staffing firms are equipped with software and highly skilled recruitment staff that can make the application process faster and more accessible. Reputable staffing firms understand and can communicate the value of diversity, equality, and inclusion to candidates. Staffing firms will have a candidate database that can help with connecting them to existing openings. With the skill and experience of staffing firms, they can negotiate with the candidates on work arrangements.  

A staffing firm can help your organization establish a more reputable image to candidates, ultimately attracting the best ones. Diversity, equality, and inclusion can take time to implement into your organization’s existing policies. Your organization can also have time to update and enforce policies to ensure retention among your new hires.  


ACS Professional Staffing understands how the hiring landscape has drastically changed these past few years. The pandemic has opened doors for more workers to negotiate their comforts and conveniences to land a new role. You can trust us to handle and manage the recruitment process to lock in the best candidates for the openings in your organization. Our skilled hiring staff will match your organization with the most suitable candidate. We champion your success. Contact us today!