The job search process and hiring landscape are as competitive for employers as they are for job seekers. What sets a candidate apart and makes a good hire is the ability to understand and internalize the team or organization’s culture. Why is it important to hire strong candidates who are also a great cultural fit, and how can you tell? In this article we explore some ideas to help you determine if a candidate is a good fit for your team and why.

Why Cultural Fit Matters

In a fast-paced workplace, it is increasingly important to achieve results through collaboration. A business can no longer stay competitive by having a silo-based organizational structure and relying on the expertise of a few select individuals. The most efficient teams are those with high talent density where individuals get along with each other and maintain a good cultural fit. Hiring a great candidate who is also a good cultural fit helps them hit the ground running and become a contributing member of the team very quickly. On the other hand, hiring a candidate who has the required skill set but lacks important soft skills may mean they aren’t able to be an effective team player and as such, negatively impact the business.

Interviewing for Good Cultural Fit

Hiring a strong candidate who is also a good cultural fit can go a long way in improving productivity, team morale and the overall success of the project. How can you tell, as a hiring manager, whether or not a candidate is a good fit culturally during the interview? Identifying a cultural fit is really a judgment call based on a candidate’s response to interview questions. There are certain questions which stretch the candidate’s ability to be objective and self-critical, and the response to such questions often provides a good insight into a candidate’s ability to fit in with the team. Some such questions include asking the candidate what their colleagues think is their biggest developmental opportunity. This question forces the candidate to think about how their co-workers view them. It also provides you with insight into the candidate’s ability to be self-critical. Another good question is to ask a candidate to describe a project where things didn’t go as planned and how the candidate dealt with it.

Hiring solid candidates is important for the success of any business, and a good cultural fit is an essential part of a successful candidate. A good cultural fit makes a big difference in producing results efficiently and effectively. If you find you are having difficulty finding candidates who would be a good fit for your team, consider working with a recruiter from ACS Professional Staffing. Our recruiters are familiar with the Portland and Vancouver talent pool and are trained to match employees with employers based on skill set, qualifications, and cultural fit. Contact an ACS Professional Staffing representative today and look forward to selecting from multiple applicants who will blend in seamlessly with your existing team.