The job search process is fast evolving to keep pace with the demands of increasingly connected employers and job seekers. Technology has had an enormous impact on how business is done, including the recruiting process. Candidates who are interested in joining the staff of industry-leading companies need to be on the cutting edge of professional networking and mobile technology as this will position them for better and quicker access to their target markets. Today’s article discusses the concept of the device mesh and how candidates are now more connected than ever to employers and recruiters.

The Device Mesh

The device mesh is best described as an ever-expanding set of endpoints currently being used to access information or connect with people and businesses. This modern-day technological experience includes mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as wearable devices, consumer and home electronics, automotive and environmental devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created an environment where formerly separate people and objects are now so deeply interconnected that information is constantly flowing from one device or person to another. As the device mesh evolves and everything becomes increasingly more connected, current-day use models for this vast amount of information will expand and more cooperative interaction between devices will become the norm. How that information is used is currently being evaluated and as the growth continues, more people will have better access to the data they need to be more productive and effective within an ever-competing job market.

How the Device Mesh Impacts the Job Search

Most modern-day candidates are already pretty connected. They are familiar with the value of social media in their job search, they know to use keywords within the body of their resume and any application material they submit online, and they want to stay current on the most recent job listings of their preferred employers. More so, these candidates are always connected and thanks to the device mesh, have easy access to real-time alerts and messaging. Staying connected with employers or professional contacts through websites like LinkedIn or other recruiting portals alerts applicants when a good opportunity becomes available and provides them with quick and effective outreach mechanism to show their interest.

There are a variety of websites and mobile apps that specialize in collating helpful job search information and job listings from all over the Internet. While this technology is powerful and impressive, it is easy for even the most qualified candidates to get bogged down in the rush of information. Not every job listing is of high quality, and not every employer is a good fit for every candidate. Knowing how to slow the waterfall of information into a more manageable and relevant stream is difficult at times. That is when working with an industry-leading recruiting team can help make sense of all the digital noise in a job search.

If you feel your job search efforts are not as effective as they need to be, consider speaking with a Vancouver and Portland area career advisor. They can provide the background information and context necessary to make sense of the device mesh and help you find the perfect job. Reach out to ACS Professional Staffing today!