The millennial generation is quite a powerhouse, particularly in the IT industry. It can be difficult to compete with a young, educated, and highly motivated group of rivals. If you are over 30 and looking for your next opportunity in the IT market, don’t short-change your abilities.

There are a number of ways to highlight and emphasize your abilities to compete with a younger generation. Today’s article will discuss the key talents and skills you need on your resume to attract quality employers in a highly competitive market.

Keep IT Skills Up To Date

One of the factors employers are most concerned by when hiring from an older demographic is a lack of knowledge and familiarity with current and new programs and hardware. To ensure that your resume is not overlooked, list your technical skills clearly and obviously on your resume or CV. Don’t make employers guess whether you have the skills they are looking for. They will never guess in your favor.

Furthermore, showing your commitment to the field through recent training and the ability to learn new IT skills will ensure employers that you have what it takes to compete with a young workforce. Millennials are motivated and hungry to share their skills. You need to be equally motivated and show that hunger so employers know you are engaged in the work and excited by the opportunity.

Follow Industry Trends and News

If you have been in the workforce for a number of years, it can be easy to fall behind on present-day trends and industry news. Don’t let yourself rest on your laurels though. Make sure you are reading the trade journals and industry periodicals that are focused on the latest news, important events, and exciting trends in engineering. If you have a specialty or are looking for work as an engineer within a specialized industry, keeping up with the industry periodicals in particular will serve you well. Internet news outlets, like blogs and websites, are a valuable and easily accessible resource as well — but keep in mind that not all websites maintain the same level of accuracy or objectiveness that is the stand-by of many print media outlets.

Emphasize the Value of Experience

Millennials may be young, educated, and eager to prove themselves, but older generations have the benefit of experience that cannot be undervalued. As an older generation applicant, focus on your work history and past experience to show employers how valuable you are. Work history is, and most likely always will be, the most accurate way for a prospective employer to estimate your future work product. Good references and a solid professional network are two powerful tools in anyone’s job search, and as an experienced worker you likely will have plenty of these professional connections in your back pocket. Use them to your advantage, and you will find yourself well ahead of the competition.

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