The new year brings the promise of something better, something more, and the opportunity for change. This could be looking for your next career move or starting a new position. You will be bombarded with tips and tricks to ace that interview during this process. Automated algorithms may start suggesting job opportunities left and right. 

The promise of a better and more driven “new you” can be exciting as it unfolds. Since time is ticking, you may have the urge to try your luck in as many openings as possible. You may even consider traveling elsewhere for an interview, to prove you are earnest and eager to get the job.  

However, going from one interview to the next can take a toll. Wearing and stressing yourself out can affect all aspects of your well-being, including physical, mental, and emotional health. Think about how you want to use your energy this coming new year. In what ways can you manage your energy for an efficient job-hunting experience? 

Managing Your Energy During Job Hunting 

Remember and live by your non-negotiables. 

It may be exciting to work with an organization that looks good on paper. You might have read good reviews about how they have a competitive salary and provides professional development opportunities. These can be exciting for any candidate. However, if you read further, you may find requirements to work without overtime pay or even shoulder half of the training costs. 

Are you willing to work several more hours a week without overtime pay? Will you be able to pay for half of the training, as required? Communicating your non-negotiables early on to yourself and to prospective employers during the application process will help you manage your energy better. It will also protect your overall health.  


Recognize and honor your body’s limits. 

Your body will tell you when it has had enough. Choosing to ignore these signs will only worsen your health condition. Acknowledging your body’s limits is self-preservation. The adrenaline of wanting more can make you ignore the warning signs. Giving your body its rest will serve you better in the long run. 

The signs of stress can show, from the darkened circles under your eyes to the way you will carry your body to the next interview. Good meals, good sleep, and a solid support system can help. 


Have a strategy in your job search. 

Strategies can take many different forms. You can have an actual plan based on the organization you’re targeting. Interview practice with a friend or mentor can help strengthen your case for why you should be hired. Informational interviews and outreach through professional networks may also help.  

In your next interview, highlight your job experience and upskilling endeavors. Practice questions you want to ask a hiring manager and recruiter. Focus on questions that look at how organizations faced or overcame adversity. This type of practice can help you decide to push through with the application. 


Do not be afraid to ask for help. 

There is humility in asking for help. It’s a very grounding experience to let family, friends, and colleagues know that your energy is dissipating. They can help you from the smallest ways to the biggest ones, including giving you examples of their ideal employment arrangements. Ask them for small favors like assisting you with preparing documents or editing your cover letter. People who truly value their relationship with you will provide the help they can provide with much care. 

Staffing Firms Can Help With Energy Management 

Consider getting help from experts in the recruitment space: staffing firms. Keeping the goal of bridging employers and professionals in mind, they can usher you more efficiently into the role and workplace that fit you best. Below are only a few examples on how a staffing firm can guide you

  • Extensive Employer Database 

Staffing firms maintain an extensive employer database.  Many organizations sign up for this because they understand that the hiring process may take too much energy and resources. They know that connecting with a staffing firm is mutually beneficial. 

  • Dependable and Skilled Human Resource Staff 

A staffing firm’s dependable and skilled recruiters want you to be hired. They can help you write a better resume, emphasizing your career highlights. You can ask them for tips on getting good results for the assessments and interviews. They can advocate for you as their candidate because getting you hired is in their best interest. 

  • Availability of Employee Benefits 

When you’re with a staffing firm, you can easily communicate the employee benefits you expect once you are hired. Many staffing firms will be comfortable disclosing the perks and privileges of being hired through them.  

  • Work Options and Career Progression 

You can ask if the organization they are endorsing offers flexible work arrangements and career progression opportunities. A staffing firm can help you in finding work in a different state and refer you to an employer that has the career path you’re willing to pursue.

These are only a few things staffing firms can do to lighten up your load in your candidate journey. From improving your application profile to navigating through an interview, they can be dependable partners your search for the right role. With the aid of a staffing firm throughout the recruitment process, you’ll be able to save time, resources, and your energy.  


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