Are you a candidate actively looking to get hired but need to learn how to stand out from the crowd? You’re not alone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 1 in 4 candidates can find a position when looking for an entry-level role. This percentage is even lower for minority candidates and those without college experience. 

There’s no doubt that online applications are the way of the future. They’re convenient, easy to use, and save precious time. Sadly, nothing is perfect. You might find it harder to get a response online, and here are some of the reasons why:   

1. Your application might not make it past Automatic Tracking Systems (ATS). 

The Automatic Tracking system is a computerized tool that allows employers to post new roles and manage applications. Companies typically use ATS systems to manage the large volume of applications they receive for each posting. 

Resumes sent through an ATS system may not be reviewed by a human being, so your resume must stand out from the crowd. An ATS is designed to sort resumes into categories based on keywords or skills, so it’s best to focus on clearly communicating why you’re qualified for the role and how you can help solve their problems. 

If you want your resume reviewed by a human being, you’ll need to ensure its formatted well and includes all relevant information about your experience and skills.  

2. Your application might be incomplete, and you won’t know it.  

An incomplete application is one of the most common reasons why an applicant doesn’t get called in for an interview. You might miss filling out all the required fields or feel uncomfortable providing specific information requested in the posting, such as salary expectations. In that case, a hiring manager might overlook your application for fully completed ones. 

3. You might miss following specific instructions.  

Some companies ask applicants to complete certain tasks or fill out specific sections of their application form in a particular manner — but many applicants type whatever comes into their head and send it off without proofreading.  

4. Your application might not fit the role you’re applying for. 

The applicant may have been looking for another position using the same resume and cover letter. When applying online, there is no way for a hiring manager to know that you’ve already applied somewhere else. It would help if you used different cover letters for each organization you apply to. If submitting resumes electronically, make sure you use separate email addresses so the hiring manager can track each separately. 

5. Your application does not align with the organization’s needs. 

The candidate may have needed more information about the organization before applying. Many companies require additional information from applicants before considering them for an interview — such as references or professional certifications. No one may look through it if you do not have these attached to your initial application.  

Online applications are convenient and fast, but they can leave candidates feeling like they’re just one of many.  

Research has proven the disconnect a candidate experiences from the hiring process. Candidates need human connection, especially during the application process. Here’s why: 

  • Too many steps: The more steps there are in an application, the less likely you will complete it. Everyone wants streamlined processes. More people will commit fewer mistakes on an online application if it can be completed easily.  
  • Asking for redundant information: It can be discouraging if you’re asked to put in the same information repeatedly, especially if you’re also asked to send over a resume.  
  • No human connection: When you apply online, there’s no one to tell you if something is missing or wrong. So, if your resume doesn’t have all the relevant information or your cover letter needs to be appropriately formatted, you won’t know until it’s too late (if ever). 

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How do you get your foot in the door and increase your chances of getting in front of an employer? That’s where recruiters come in! 

Why Work with Recruiters 

It’s common to see candidates apply for roles independently and then get frustrated when they don’t hear back from the organization. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a recruiter in your corner to help you as a candidate get in touch with several employers.   

Recruiters can help you avoid getting ghosted by: 

1. Providing a personalized response to your application 

2. Making sure your application doesn’t get lost in the online black hole 

3. Ensuring that your application is taken seriously by employers 

4. Providing additional information about you (i.e., why you want this role) 

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Additionally, meeting with a recruiter provides a unique opportunity to see what it’s like being in front of an employer and not just reading job postings online. It also allows you to learn more about the role and what it’s like working at the organization. 

Applying online is a time-consuming process and often a frustrating experience for candidates. There are so many websites and apps that it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Recruiters know this struggle. They have seen candidates waste weeks, even months, looking for roles that aren’t suited for them. They’ve heard candidates say they applied on multiple websites and haven’t heard back from most of them. 

Recruiters don’t want to see you go through this. They’re here to help you get your foot in the door. Additionally, recruiters will ensure your resume will have an edge and is accurate and up to date.  

They will also show employers why you’re an excellent fit for their organization by getting to know you and your work experiences that relate directly to what they do and their goals. 


With us, you can be sure that we will get you hired. ACS Professional Staffing works tirelessly to match our candidates with reputable organizations. We help our candidates by assisting them in putting their best foot forward in this highly condensed career market. As a full-service staffing partner, we endeavor to provide you with a superb application experience. Contact us now!