Being an analyst can be a lucrative profession, with multiple positions to fill within the industry. For example, data analysts are reported to make almost $100,000 per year. Information security analysts are reported to earn a little over $100,000 per year

There are various job openings requiring an analyst’s skills and expertise in analyzing data, processes, and systems. Analysts help organizations become more efficient when handling and securing its business. Some analyst jobs include business analyst, computer systems analyst, data analyst, information security analyst, operations analyst, systems analyst, and QA analyst. 

If there are many available positions for analysts, you might wonder, why haven’t you gotten an offer yet? Reasons can vary, such as a mismatch of expectations, or a sudden postponement of the hiring process. Here are some of the other reasons.

  • You Need Enough Experience or Education 
    It’s possible that you did not receive an offer because your education and skills were not enough. Recognize that the job requirements and tasks might not be a match with your current credentials. This does not mean your qualifications are dismissible. Your combined qualifications, experience, and educational background might not be enough for the employer to decide to invest in you. 

  • They Prioritized Internal Hiring  
    It is usual for companies to have an external hiring process without a prospect. Organizational policy usually requires its HR staff to put out job posts for external applicants. However, the onboarding process of a new hire versus training to familiarize an internal one with the job role will take fewer organization’s resources. Hence, hiring someone familiar versus  a complete stranger is an easy choice for any organization. 

  • You Need to Improve on Industry Language 
    Familiarity with analyst language is necessary to properly use it in an effective story. You will be the storyteller of the gathered and processed data. Stories need to be told with skill and confidence, as well as contextual references to the industry. When it comes to data visualization and relaying the information, you need to provide a story with actionable points. 

  •  Your Personal Branding Needs Work 
    We all have an image we project to others, i.e., our personal branding. Branding makes products and services unique, which in turn attracts customers. Personal branding is how we present ourselves and become marketable as potential employees. If your interviewer does not believe the way that you present yourself at any point in the hiring process, your chances of receiving an offer could be slim. 

Move Forward from Rejection 

After painstakingly preparing for a career as an analyst, you may have spent many hours and invested financially in your goals. However, even after knowing all of the above, you can still have difficulty landing an analyst job. How can you overcome this bump in the road when it feels like you’ve hit a roadblock?

  • Know Your Worth 
    Steve Jobs was known to say, “Keep looking, don’t settle.” As cliché as it may sound, having mental and emotional resilience involves realizing your worth and not settling. Job hunting is not easy. Don’t blame yourself for a rejection since – at some point, we all have been rejected at least once. Rejection also happened to many of the other people who applied to the same positions as you.

    The decision not to hire you can result from different reasons, such as lack of experience if you’re a fresh graduate, or if you’re still new to the industry. It can also be due pay; someone else may have been willing to compromise. Remember that a job application rejection does not define your worth as an applicant, nor as a human being. Remember that your value is something you assign to yourself, independent of others’ perceptions of you.

  • Develop and Retain Grit 
    Having grit and keeping it means being brave, even in the most difficult times. Rejection is not easy for anyone. Not receiving feedback from an organization with points of improvement can also be disheartening. You should never let the pressure get you down. Rejections, whether implicit or explicit, prepare you for the next job interview.

    Gritty individuals are hard workers who strive for excellence rather than perfection. They see the areas in themselves that need training and work on those. They avoid blaming external factors, and instead are more predisposed to look inward. To be gritty means looking inside and asking where you need to change and upskill. 

  • Upskill Through Training or Education 
    You can upskill by taking short courses in university or community college on various analyst software programs or higher qualifications. Sign up for massive open online courses (MOOC) that provide courses from introductions to specializations in Data Analytics such as CourseraUdemy, and EdX. MOOCs are great for those who have no time to attend classes physically or due to financial concerns.

    You can also look for internship and training options to hone skills necessary to workplace tasks. Simulated exercises provide the tip of the iceberg in any training or learning experience. Real practice and hands-on experience are in-depth, ensuring better and more prompt responses to future problems. 

  • Have a Support System 
    Your support system can be in the form of family, friends, and expanding your social capital. Family and friends will always lift you up. They are the necessary foundations of your social life. Your loved ones are your first providers of sustenance physically, emotionally, and mentally. This can also come in the form of good social capital.

    Expanding your network does help in learning about job openings and short stints to lengthen your CV. A good social capital can be through acquaintances that could refer you to a new analyst job opening. Another can be partnering with a good staffing partner that can help you narrow your search. 


Partnership with a staffing firm bridges you closer to equal opportunity employers. Staffing agencies can help you look for employment in different locations. You can be new to the field of analysts as a fresh graduate or a career switcher. With a staffing partner, communicating your needs as an employee is easier because their aim is to get you hired. 

The drive to landing that analyst job requires a good support system in the job-hunting process. ACS Professional Staffing will provide you with executive recruitment assistance to get that job offer. Our expert human resources team will be with you for the long haul. We have partnerships with both government and private companies, and we will ensure that your job placement is tailored to your needs. Contact us today!