Payroll Services

Cut down on paperwork and send your candidate to us for payroll services.

ACS becomes the employer of record and takes responsibility for time records, pay, taxes, ACA compliance and W-2 processing and distribution. You source and select the candidates, we take care of the payroll, allowing you to scale your workforce up or down easily.

Many businesses want to hire their own temporary workers, but risk worker misclassification. Through our payroll services, you send the candidate to us, and ACS becomes the employer of record. ACS takes responsibility for their time records, pay, taxes, ACA compliance and W-2 processing and distribution. We enable you to continue to source and select candidates while mitigating the risks of temporary or contract workers. We also enable your company to scale its workforce – up or down easily.

ACS Professional Staffing’s payroll services provides you the following benefits:

  • Free up your time. Payroll is time consuming for you and your team. ACS will remove the constant headache of processing payroll and give you back your valuable time. Now you can focus on business!
  • Avoid tax penalties for late filing. Improper filings, late filing, or misclassification can lead to high tax penalties. Through ACS, we process all taxes and comply with all federal, state and county laws and regulations.
  • Offer employees direct deposit or pay card options. Give your employees what they want: pay via direct deposit or pay card! ACS’s payroll services make paydays easier for you and the employee.
  • A consistent team of experts. Never worry about your payroll process being hindered or stopped due to terminations or employees quitting. ACS has a team of experts working for you!

Whether the need is for one employee or over 100 employees, let ACS take care of the hard work!