Recruiting Services

Your search begins with ACS.

In today’s global market, in-house recruiting is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. As businesses compete with cutting edge technology, finding a qualified candidate with the right skills and experience can be a lengthy process and in-house recruitment methods are often not up to par. Companies are often pressured to hire less than qualified candidates just to fill an immediate need.

Why choose ACS?

We have the time to look.

Did you know that ACS engages in active and passive recruiting? We review a large spectrum of talent in our recruiting process, and we actively seek out candidates currently working within their chosen industry. We know that highly qualified professional and technical candidates can be difficult to find, especially with an unemployment rate as low as 2% in some areas. Many hiring managers simply don’t have the time to seek out passive candidates. ACS takes the burden of searching from a small pool and delivers top quality candidates directly to you. Now, all you have to do is choose!

We know talent.

We understand the job and its requirements. We know what it takes to fill the position, so you can rest assured knowing that the candidates we deliver can hit the ground running. With our strong network of talent, we filter out candidates who don’t meet a minimum of 90% of your requirements.

We want results just as much as you do!

At ACS, our mission is to build long-lasting, sustainable, partnerships with our clients. We focus on quality – not quantity. Our commitment to quality means you can spend less time looking for qualified candidates and more time doing what you do best!
ACS Professional Staffing has been recruiting talent since 2001, and our proven methods have provided our clientele with talent that lasts. We beat the industry standard’s time-to-hire by 11%-16%. With ACS, we cut in-house costs for you by providing a selection of highly qualified candidates for review. We also conduct background checks which can include criminal history, education and employment verification, reference checks, drug screens and skill tests to ensure your candidates meet your quality standards.

Here's how it works

  • Meet With Your ACS Account Manager
    • ACS will meet with you to determine your business needs. We consider your talent needs, time-to-hire, and more. We work with you to develop a  talent acquisition strategy plan which includes a skills matrix so we can provide you with TOP talent.
  • Qualify Candidates
    • Once we have determined what is most important to you, the search begins. ACS will provide you with qualified candidates within 5-7 business days.* Using our skills matrix, ACS has successfully matched candidates meeting client requirements 97.76% of the time!
  • Pick Your Talent
    • Pick your top candidate and hire them! The best news is, you are not obligated to pay until your candidate is hired.

Note:  ACS averages 5-7 business days over 87% of the time, but this number can go up or down depending on the talent needs.