Temporary/Contingent Staffing

Our solution

Accessing talent in a competitive marketplace continues to challenge companies across the globe. As more businesses refine their workforce, contingent labor becomes a necessity. Temporary employees who have the skills you need to complete your projects are harder to find. Utilizing our services can mitigate the risks associated with misclassification of temporary workers, which could put your company in financial jeopardy.

ACS Professional Staffing has provided contingent staffing services to the federal government and private industry since 2001. ACS offers a complete workforce plan to help you meet the demands of your business without the risk.

We offer:

  • Evaluation of your workforce and business requirements
  • Payroll services
  • Time and attendance services
  • EEO tracking
  • An account manager to work with you

Because our mission is to build sustainable relationships, we work closely with our partners to understand the needs of each hiring manager. We help you deliver the perfect fit for your company.