The IT field is seeing such high demand for experienced and educated professionals that competition among employers can be fierce. Software engineers are experiencing some of the highest demand in the job market today with unemployment at roughly half the national average. In such a high demand scenario, employers have to take a second look at their recruiting strategies and their compensation packages to remain competitive with their peers. Today’s article will discuss the impact of lower-than-average unemployment rates across the IT field and how this impacts recruiting of top candidates.

Rethinking your Recruitment Methods

First and foremost, employers need to be proactive and make sure they are advertising in the right places so that industry talent is aware of an opportunity. This may include mobile or social media-based job listings, recruiting of passive job seekers, and even a slower hiring process. Make sure that the people you are recruiting are A-level employees who fully meet the needs of the position and the culture of the company. Look to your existing roster for trusted recommendations for new hires. Avoid spending your entire recruiting budget on one or two “rock stars” and focus instead on developing a team of well-rounded and effective team players.

The Issue of Longevity

Top industry talent look for job opportunities where they know their work will be valued and their skills challenged. They seek out engaging and interesting jobs and companies to further their careers. Don’t think that once you hire someone they will stay with you for life. Given that the job market is so competitive, the most sought-after candidates will find themselves inevitably drawn to other opportunities as time goes by. This is natural given the state of IT. New and more exciting projects come along at a rapid pace and in order to stay competitive within their field, developers often need to work on a variety of projects and with a variety of teams.

As a manager, it’s your job to provide those opportunities and make adjustments to communication styles as needed to help attract and retain the sorts of employees that will bring a renewed energy into your team and products. Rather than asking employees for a lifelong commitment, invest in their skills and development, and ask them to provide their very best during the time they are with you.

Offering More Than Standard Compensation Packages

In order for employers to attract industry talent, they have to think outside of the compensation box. Financial incentives are important, of course, but they are not the only deciding factor. High-quality benefits packages are critical, as are paid vacation and sick leave. More and more companies are offering impressive maternity/paternity leave policies as well, and in a competitive job market, these can certainly be a deciding factor for a quality candidate faced with multiple offers. Flexible work options, like compressed workweeks, flex-time, or telecommuting are attractive as well. The focus is on work-life balance, but also job satisfaction. Top talent wants to know they will make a lasting impact within a position and that they will feel appreciated while they are there.

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