Hiring, retaining, and developing top talent is an increasingly important part of the job for a successful manager. There are numerous opportunities out there for top professionals in any field of work.

Top professionals who have industry experience and a variety of accomplishments under their belt are highly sought after by companies big and small. Given that all the top employers are offering highly competitive wages, benefits, and even flexible working hours, what is it that top professionals are really looking for when making a job change? This article explores this topic in more detail to help you hire and retain some of the best talent in your industry.

Job Satisfaction

Most people rank job satisfaction at the top of their list of criteria when making a job change. There are many companies out there who recognize the value top professionals add to the business and they are willing to compensate handsomely for that.

However, when it comes to making a job change, there are a number of key contributors to job satisfaction which might be valued even more than salary. First and foremost, it’s the type of problem set an individual will be asked to work on, the business goals of the organization and the competitive edge of the company.

These factors give top professionals an idea of the kind of exciting and challenging problems they will be working on. Equally as important are the growth opportunities within the organization. The individuals who have grown their careers to the point where they are recognized as top professionals in their fields like to solve challenging problems and are motivated by the career-growth opportunities which come along with that.

Work Environment

Workers realize that the workplace is where most of their waking hours are spent during the day. Having a work environment conducive to teamwork and collaboration is very important for the success of a business and it is just as important to attract the top talent to come work for you. Professionals like the freedom to take risks, experiment, and learn from their mistakes. Providing an environment that fosters innovation is key to attracting and retaining the best talent on the team.


Top professionals and rising superstars are rarely satisfied with slow but steady growth in salary. Compensation doesn’t have to end at a large salary and bonus package. In fact, many professionals find it dissatisfying to work for a fixed income. They often prefer an added incentive to work harder through compensation models which include profit sharing. Other types of performance-based incentives are often attractive to top talent, so it’s important for organizations to carefully craft their reward model to have a good mix of fixed and performance-based components.

It is hard to underestimate the importance of hiring, retaining, and growing top professional talent within the team. If you are leading a fast-growing business and are looking to hire the right people to take it even further, reach out to our team at ACS Professional Staffing to partner with experienced staffing professionals who can help you recruit the top talent you need.