Reputation really is everything in a hot job market. Your staff is your most valuable resource, and your recruiting strategy needs to include a thoughtful exploration of your online reputation. Studying a company online is an important part of the job application process from a candidate’s perspective. As an employer actively recruiting top industry talent, your online reputation needs to be as much a part of your recruiting strategy as any job descriptions or interviews you plan for. Today’s article will discuss the importance of fine-tuning your online presence and how you can actively build your digital reputation.

Start With Your Website

A great corporate website is not only a wonderful marketing tool to build relationships with customers, it is also one of the key elements to building your online reputation with job seekers. Having a strong online presence as a whole is important, but you should always start with a well-designed and informative Web page. Items to include are past and present projects, blog articles, information about job openings, and contact information. Consider providing a look into your company’s corporate culture and describing the type of work environment you provide in an interesting and meaningful way that will help assure candidates that your company has great potential for their career success.

Utilize Social Media Effectively

If your company is not on LinkedIn as its own entity, you are missing out on some exciting recruiting opportunities. LinkedIn has quickly become one of the top recruiting resources on the Internet, and having a high-quality presence on the website can help you reach out to job applicants enormously. Build an interesting and engaging company profile to begin with; then make sure to connect with employees and clients to expand your reach. Provide access to interesting and valuable content such as blog posts or webinars to actively engage your followers. The extra effort can help build your digital presence and reputation so you become the obvious choice for candidates looking for their next career move.

Other social media sites also have important roles to play in building your online reputation. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other websites are quickly becoming popular tools by which companies communicate directly and indirectly with their clients and their potential hires. Providing high-quality and consistent activity through these sites will improve your search engine performance and make it that much easier for candidates to learn who you are and what you do.


Disgruntled customers and previous employees can easily damage your digital reputation through negative reviews, or spamming your social media outlets. The best advice to address these concerns is to be aware of what is being said about your company. If you can, track the source of the negativity and address the issues in a less public forum.

If you are looking for additional advice on how to build your online reputation, a consultation with the team at ACS Professional Staffing  can set you on the right path. Their recruiting experts can help your company navigate the market and attract top talent in the greater Portland and Vancouver areas. Call ACS Professional Staffing today!