The employment norm used to be looking for a secure job at a reputable institution. But with the growing gig economy, side hustles or juggling multiple jobs at once are becoming a trend. So many ask these days: Is it better to have permanent employment with one organization or experience working with an organization for a defined period? 

While there is merit in being a permanent hire, professionals are getting attracted to short-term employment, such as contract temporary employment. But what exactly is contract temporary employment? Is it truly a lucrative endeavor? Will it solve one’s yearning for meaning and purpose in their chosen career? 

In the next few sections, let’s explore the ins and outs of being a temporary hire, or a “temp” as they are commonly called. We aim to help you decide if being in a temporary position will work for you at the end of your reading. 

Contract Temporary Employment Will Lapse at a Given Period 

Temps are only hired for a specific period than their permanent counterparts. Fixed-term contracts, project- or task-based contracts are other names for this kind of working arrangement between a professional and an organization.1 There are many reasons why organizations are creating temporary positions and inviting independent contractors instead of permanent employees. 

  • Their services are needed for a short-term engagement. Perhaps the organization is executing a function that will last for a few months. In schools, there are subjects to be taught only for a single semester. Certain government projects like public infrastructures will stop at some time. In these cases, short-term employees are more apt. 

  • Temporary positions prevent over-hiring. Some organizations commit the mistake of hiring employees who have no tasks to do after a certain period. Letting go of permanent employees will hurt. In addition, there is the need to award severance pay to those employees, which could have been avoided if independent contractors had been hired. 

  • Fixed-term contracts save the organization a lot of money. Hiring permanent employees is costlier because of the benefits temporary employees are not required to have by law. Health insurance, social security, and workplace compensation are just some of the benefits permanent workers should be receiving. Imagine how much an organization saves if they opt for temps instead. 

Use Fixed-Term Contracts to Your Advantage 

What will contract temporary employment do for you in the long run? If you are able to harness being an independent contractor properly, you are opening yourself to a future of rich professional experiences, a better appreciation for your career, and possibly a hefty savings account. Consider the following to see if being a temp sounds enticing to you: 

  • Many independent contractors use their free time for studies. Some full-time employees request to shift to a temporary arrangement to pursue further studies or finish their thesis. While longer exposure to your work means practicing your skills, some time to hone the theory part of your job can bode well for you in the long run, especially in the interest of being in a higher position. 

  • You can hold a number of jobs at once. Permanent employees are commonly tied to the usual eight-hour schedule, which takes up a third of their day. Many short-term employees don’t have to stay in the organization for a long time, which can help them welcome a side gig or two. A more flexible approach to your schedule will allow you to earn more than your usual 9 to 5 schedule. 

  • Take your time to choose the best organization for you. An organization may temporarily hire someone first to see if they are a culture fit. Conversely, other professionals use short-term contracts to test the waters of different organizations, ultimately leading to permanent hiring. Being employed for good has advantages too, and being a temp for a while can lead you to those advantages. 

Take Note That Fixed-Term Contracts Have Setbacks Too 

If you are considering entering a contract temporary employment, be mindful that it has its own set of hang-ups. However, that doesn’t mean there are no workarounds. Take note that being a temporary employee has worked for a multitude of professionals, and they’ve gone to great heights in their careers and personal lives. All it takes is some ingenuity on how to navigate the valleys and peaks of a temp’s professional journey: 

  • Job applications will have to happen over and over. No job means no pay, so you’ll have to make sure a new contract is coming once your current ones have run out. The good news is there are a plethora of job-hunting sites across the web. Also, keep tabs with your past organizations in case they need temps again. They’ll more likely hire you again based on your past performance. 

  • You need to navigate your employment’s “lack of benefits.” A retirement plan, health insurance, and paid time off are some benefits permanent employees enjoy.2 On your end, you can always approach insurance providers and ask for affordable options. Additionally, plan your absences so that they won’t affect your pay for a certain period. As for the retirement plan, start saving for your future as early as now. A well-managed savings account can be as good as a retirement plan. 

  • The feeling of isolation might get to you, but don’t let it creep in. Short-term employees are sometimes not really seen as part of the organization. They are not invited to organizational events, and being left out may affect one’s morale. Always remember that this employee arrangement will end when the time comes, so there’s no need to make a connection with other employees. Remember that the least requirement for you is your professionalism. 


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