Partnering with a staffing firm can be vital to your recruiting process. According to the American Staffing Association, there are around 25,000 staffing firms in the US. Choosing which staffing firm can take time and effort. Prospective clients need to consider staffing agency size, services offered, and areas of expertise. Sustainability and diversity are also factors to be considered. The staffing firm you choose should advocate for you, as your partner, to find the right person for the role you need to fill.   

ACS Professional Staffing recruits from around the United States, giving you the candidates, you need, wherever you need them. We currently partner with organizations in 24 states to fill both temporary and direct hire staffing needs. Our expertise focuses on finding quality people for engineering, IT, and other professional level roles including administrative support. We also provide Master Supplier, Managed Service Provider (MSP), and Vendor Management System (VMS) solutions for businesses that need temporary or contingent staffing services on a larger scale.  

Long-term success is the goal of our partnerships with businesses and government organizations. ACS Professional Staffing is a destination, rather than a revolving door. We value our relationships with both our clients and candidates, and we will value our relationship with you as we continue to strive to be your trusted staffing partner too. 

ACS Professional Staffing is a Proactive Staffing Partner  

We know you have thousands of options to choose from when it comes to working with a staffing company. Choose ACS Professional Staffing as your partner and get a proactive relationship for your recruiting needs. Our team has over twenty years of experience placing candidates into roles they love and grow in. Our candidates, once placed, stay an average of 7.8 years in their roles. We look ahead, addressing the bigger picture of your overall hiring needs.  

We Engage Both Active and Passive Candidates 

ACS Professional Staffing engages both active and passive candidates. We analyze a broad range of talent during our recruiting process and actively seek out candidates currently in the industries we fill, wherever they are. We meet the challenge of finding highly skilled professional and technical candidates for all sorts of specialized roles.  

We connect with passive candidates, maintaining qualified applicants for your needs down the line. ACS Professional Staffing specializes in finding qualified applicants from our well-stocked pool, sending them right to you when you need them.


We Follow a People-Centric Approach in our Candidate Search  

Our foundation stands on the relationships we’ve forged with others in our work. We are aware of our candidates’ and clients’ demands and we screen out those who don’t satisfy your standards using our skilled staff of recruiters, selecting only the best qualified applicants to refer to you.  

We provide coverage for whatever needs you may have, including:  

      • Temporary/Contingent Staffing 
      • Contract-to-Hire Staffing 
      • Payroll Services 
      • Direct Hire Recruiting Services

We are meticulous in our work and motivated to find you suitable candidates who will thrive.


We are Results-Oriented and Aligned with Your Business Needs  

Building sustainable connections with our clients is one of the core purposes of ACS Professional Staffing. We prioritize quality over quantity. You can spend more time doing what you do best and less time searching for competent people thanks to our alignment with your business needs.  

Our more than twenty years of experience finding and placing technical and professional level personnel and our tried-and-true approach has given our clients long-lasting employees. We thoroughly assess our candidates, reviewing references and conducting skills tests to meet your needs.

What ACS Professional Staffing Offers You    

Hiring new employees can be costly – ACS Professional Staffing can save you money by finding the ideal candidates for your organization, whether you’re searching for full time employees or need temporary staffing for a project, ACS Professional Staffing can help.  

We offer:  

Evaluation of Your Workforce and Business Requirements  

Assessing your workforce and business requirements is crucial to ensure that you are employing the appropriate personnel. We analyze your workforce and business needs to ensure our recruiting is on the same page with what you need. This gives us better insights into your open positions and where we can maximize our services. We take several things into account when analyzing your organization, including critical variables of workforce abilities, education, and experience. We then ensure that the correct individual fills each position.


High-Touch Service Through Dedicated Personnel  

ACS Professional Staffing believes that a sustainable and profitable business model is based on human connection. Whether getting a cup of coffee with a client or sending birthday greetings to an employee, a staffing firm must understand the value of those practices. ACS Professional Staffing values our clients by giving them a dedicated Staffing Manager as a primary point of contact to provide customized support and to make sure all of all of the recruitment needs are met.


Diversity Recruitment Efforts and EEO Tracking  

Many organizations strive to source diverse candidates in their recruiting efforts. As reported by the International Labor Organization, promoting equality and inclusion results in better workplace productivity, innovation and well-being. Diverse recruitment and equal employment opportunities are essential in our hiring efforts at ACS Professional Staffing.  

With ACS Professional Staffing as your full-service recruitment partner, diversity recruitment and equal employment opportunities (EEO) are essential in our hiring efforts.  By implementing our policies on diversity and EEO, we guarantee that all applicants will be fairly considered based on their qualifications, training, and skills.


Priority Treatment for Your Most Challenging Roles 

We understand the costs of open positions in your most critical departments. ACS Professional Staffing helps you analyze these needs and prioritize hiring for them. With a straightforward, Golden Rule approach, ACS Professional Staffing connects organizations with specialized, experienced, and skilled candidates. We treat people how we would like to be treated, and our services are engineered to make the right people, your people. We approach every placement through our fundamental principles of quality, service, and integrity. Give us a call today to engage top candidates that meet your needs!