Whether you are a seasoned professional or a freshly trained graduate, you are likely familiar with the standard job application process of submitting a cover letter and resume along with any other requested application material an employer might require. Those very employers also are used to receiving hundreds of cover letters and resumes for every job description they post online.

Cover letters in particular are often standard boiler-plate material which does little to give employers a better understanding of the applicant’s skills or experience, but they are often expected by hiring managers who are looking for their next recruit. Today’s article will discuss how and why a cover letter might be unnecessary in helping you find your next career opportunity.

Strengths and Weaknesses

When they are done right, cover letters provide insight into why you are interested in a particular position and how your qualifications and experiences prepare you for the job you are applying for. Sadly, many well-qualified candidates fail to gain the attention of a hiring manager based solely on a poorly written cover letter. Many applicants have felt that their cover letters are failing to make the connections they are designed to make, and worry that employers are overlooking their application entirely. This is a frustrating situation for both employers and candidates; luckily there is a better way.

Making Introductions

One of the best things about working with a staffing agency is that your recruiter acts as your cover letter, and often a more effective one at that. Recruiters provide the introductions necessary and make connections for you so your application is not lost in the stack of equally well-meaning cover letters and resumes. Having a recruiter on your team can help you get your foot in the door when you might not have a chance otherwise.

If you are looking for a job in the greater Portland or Vancouver area, partnering with a local staffing firm like ACS Professional Staffing can help you make connections with the employers who are interested in hiring someone with your particular skills and abilities. Recruiters know which companies are hiring, who they are looking to hire, and are better able to connect applicants with hiring managers than any cover letter ever will, no matter how well it is written.

Focus on Your Resume

Working with a recruiter allows applicants the time and space to focus on their resume. Make sure your resume really stands out and showcases your unique skills and experience. Working with a recruiter can also provide you with specialized insight into a job description and an employer’s needs, so you can customize your resume to make sure it presents your skills in the best possible light.

For a true partner in your job search, consider working with a career advisor from ACS Professional Staffing. Our team of experienced recruiters are familiar with the Portland and Vancouver job markets and can connect you with the employers who are looking for candidates with your particular skill set and expertise. Contact ACS Professional Staffing today!