Whether you’re looking for a job or happy with your current one, a staffing firm can help you weigh options as you navigate the job market. We all need better compensation and more professional development opportunities. Unfortunately, these can sometimes be impossible to negotiate with your current employer. 

Perhaps, you just want to know what is out there. You may want to be more knowledgeable about the changing corporate landscapes. You may also want to look into switching careers or industries. Maybe, you’re a temp worker already eyeing a full-time position. 

A staffing firm can help open doors to potential employers that could provide what you need to build or strengthen your professional life. You can even find that fulfilling job you didn’t know you needed. 

Staffing firms have been providing jobs for different candidates and efficient workers for their clients. Here are the benefits of getting help from staffing firms even when you’re still employed: 

Extensive Employer Database 

Staffing firms usually have a long history with their employer and candidate databases. Thus, you can be confident that the staffing firm can match you with an organization based on your background and potential. Their partnerships with employers and candidates in the recruitment process allow employment needs to be met and candidate pipelines to be nurtured. 

You can expect an answer to questions relating to specific job openings in various functions, from administrative to IT. Many staffing firms work with different industries open to career and industry switchers. So, it’s never too late to reconsider job opportunities that may be on the horizon.

Location Options  

If you have long been thinking of moving closer to home, staffing firms can help you find a new job. Because of their extensive organizational database, staffing firms usually have clients in different states. They can help you locate employers in states where housing and living costs are more reasonable, making a more convenient work arrangement possible. 

Additionally, if you are a parent wanting to witness your child’s daily milestones while juggling your work responsibilities, staffing firms can match you with an organization that encourages work-from-home arrangements. 

Skilled Human Resource Officer  

Many staffing firms have a designated HR officer who gets in touch with candidates on their application status. They will help you create a standout CV or resume and practice for interviews. They will be thoroughly familiar with your information, so they can find the right potential matches for you. You can rely on them to get you the perfect opportunities even if you’re busy with your current job. 

Any question or concern from candidates can be answered without much delay. The correspondence also becomes easier as you can expect genuine human conversation instead of automated replies from a chatbot. 

Provision of Employee Benefits 

You could be with a good organization that provides you with good enough health insurance and just a few leave credits. On the flip side, you could also be doing many tasks in your role but don’t get good health insurance or leave credits to enjoy. 

With staffing firms, you can inform them of the benefits that matter to you. They can find the organization that matches your employee benefit preferences, be it life insurance or short-term disability aid. There are staffing firms that can provide better employee benefits for candidates looking to receive better care from their organizations. 

Career Options and Progression 

Many staffing firms offer positions from temporary to permanent ones. You could be working for just a few years and looking into switching industries. You also could be working in an administrative role but eager to venture into the tech a tech role. 

If you’re a new jobseeker or industry switcher, staffing firms can introduce you to good opportunities to test the waters. It could be the push you need to take that leap and see another industry from the inside.

How to Choose a Staffing Firm 

Partnering with a staffing firm can blossom into a fruitful relationship. If you are still exploring options, here are tips for choosing a staffing firm: 

Affirms Equal Employment Opportunity 

A staffing firm should ensure that candidates will be given equal employment opportunities through its affirmative action policy. Applicants will be fairly assessed based on qualifications and abilities. Discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, age, or disability is not encouraged. 

Affirmative action allows job openings to be given to people of various backgrounds to provide versatility and promote an equal opportunity corporate environment. Through the affirmative action policy of the organization, candidates know that opportunities will not be taken away from them based on their socioeconomic or sociocultural backgrounds. 

Ensures High-Touch Service 

The right staffing firm should believe that a business model anchored on human connection is most sustainable and profitable. Whether getting a cup of coffee with a candidate or sending birthday greetings to a client, a staffing firm must understand the value of those practices. 

See if they value human connection and avoid overusing automated responses. It can be alienating to keep talking to a chatbot going back and forth through options and never getting a satisfactory answer. As much as possible, staffing firms must employ real humans to reply to your messages. 

Follows a People-Centric Approach 

A staffing firm must prioritize a people-centric approach and value its members, clients, and candidates. It takes pride in putting people first and ensures that the right people are employed by the right organization. 

You have to feel that they are interested in getting you hired by being thorough with their processes. Good staffing firms know that valuing people will allow them to flourish in their job placements. They also ensure that it benefits organizations to have the right talents in their workspace. 

Values Data Privacy  

In choosing a staffing firm, you must check if they follow industry and state regulations when handling your data. Job applications and processes require candidates to submit personal information. Thus, your staffing firm has to protect your data like it’s their own. They need to safeguard the intricate details you have trusted them to hold. 


ACS Professional Staffing affirms equal employment opportunities, ensures high-touch service, follows a people-centric approach, and values your data privacy. ACS Professional Staffing can help you weigh your options even while employed. We want to connect talents and teams in meaningful and long-lasting ways. 

In today’s competitive job market, our team of expert recruiters will advocate for you to ensure you secure the best job placement that’s tailored to your needs. Contact us today!