Everyone wants a job they’ll enjoy doing. Applicants like you are looking for opportunities that pay generously and offer great benefits. You recently updated your resume and submitted it for multiple openings. Now the wait begins.

Despite all your eagerness and preparation, something doesn’t seem to add up. You got invited to multiple interviews, but never received even a single job offer. Some hiring managers simply ghosted you after the initial interview. Lastly, feedback was rarely given to you.

Improve your chances of getting hired by partnering with a recruiter specializing in your field. Take a look at why recruiters are your best bet and how they can help you.

Job Application Challenges You May Have Encountered

Are you looking for job openings and unable to find roles that fit, or perhaps you’re having trouble getting in touch with an organization’s recruiting team? Are you waiting for a call or an email that never comes? You may encounter these situations in your job search. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. You Don’t Have Enough Time.

Balancing your current job and looking for a new one is time demanding. You may forget to check your email on a regular basis. It could be possible you’ve missed a couple of interview requests. You might have asked yourself if it was even worth attending certain interviews.

Get time back for your job search by creating a strict routine you can follow. Determine how many applications you can submit in a day or a week and commit to it.

2. Your Applications Are Ignored.

Getting that dream job is a competition. You set your first impression by what you put in your resume. It could be that other applicants just fit the position better, or that you missed including a few things on your resume, such as your certifications and licenses. 

If you have experience in very different industries, emphasize your experience relevant to the role more. Choose which details to include that meet the requirements of the position. 

3. You Need to Improve Your Online Presence.

You are more likely to receive interview invitations if you are more visible online. For instance, create a LinkedIn profile, if you don’t already have one. If you are on LinkedIn, update your profile with information relevant to the positions you are applying for.

Some positions may require online portfolios that showcase your skills. If you’re a writer, consider starting a blog. If you’re a designer or artist, create an online portfolio. Make sure that your content is neatly curated according to how you want to be seen.

4. You’re Unsure of Where to Find the Right Job Postings for You.

You look at general job posting websites or go straight to the sites of the companies you’re eyeing. Despite these efforts, you still can’t find the job description that’s best suited to your skill set. 

Check other resources and ask for help. Staffing firms and their recruiters may be able to help you find what you’re really looking for.

Why Should You Get the Help of a Recruiter?

If you’re having trouble finding the right position and employer, consider contacting a recruiter. They are the experts who can help broaden your opportunities through their network of connections.

1. They Help You Save So Much Time.

Partnering with a recruiter helps lessen the time you spend rummaging through job postings and sending your resume to multiple employers. Your recruiter can quickly do that for you through their rich database. All you have to do is be ready for when they call you about your next opportunity. 


2. They keep your applications confidential.

If you’re currently employed, you wouldn’t want your manager to know that you’re planning to leave for a better employment experience elsewhere. Recruiters can help you discreetly search for your next job. Your recruiter should always discuss each opportunity with you first to make sure that you are interested before presenting you to a hiring manager.

3. They Are More Familiar with Employer Demands.

The right recruiter knows what skills each industry is looking for. They may give you useful tips on what to do at your interview, how to improve your resume and portfolio, and more. This is because it is their goal to get you hired.

4. They Can Help Increase Your Visibility.

Trusted recruiters have stable connections. Imagine hundreds of resumes being tossed in a box for someone to sort out, but having a recruiter deliver yours puts you at the top of the heap. Being represented by a recruiter makes hiring managers want to see your application because they know you’ve already been through a selection process. You now have a higher chance of being hired as well.

5. They May Have Access to Exclusive Positions.

Knowing who to tap is a great advantage. Recruitment experts may know what positions are vacant but aren’t being advertised. Being aware of this adds to your opportunities.

The company may not be posting about a position due to confidentiality, ease of hiring, or they may want only the best to send their resumes. Whatever the case may be, having this insider connection gets you ahead of the competition.

6. They Can Help You Get Better Offers.

You can get a more competitive salary when a recruiter advocates for your skills during a negotiation. They start by determining your worth in the market based on your skill set and experiences. They are impartial when discussing your offer and can get you the best deal out of it. 

How to Choose the Best Recruiter for You

There are a lot of staffing firms out there who are willing to help you. This can be confusing or overwhelming at first, but you’ll be fine once you get on the right track.

To get in touch with professionals in staffing who are right for you, consider checking job boards or doing research on LinkedIn.Many job boards or LinkedIn job postings are often done by recruiters. Check these postings for keywords (such as “staffing firm” or “search professional”) and reach out accordingly. 

Once you get the chance to talk to a recruiter, thoroughly discuss what you are looking for and ask relevant questions about their processes and expertise. Trust the insights below to help you identify which firm can best work with you on your job search:

1. Identify the Industries They Specialize In.

Many recruiters work in a variety of industries. It’s best to choose a recruiter that specializes in your field. Recruiters may have a focus in a particular industry or specific skill levels. Recruiters specializing in the industries or positions you want are more likely to be knowledgeable about the skills and experience required by a specific job and they can determine if an applicant can excel in a position.


2. Read the Testimonials of Their Candidates.

Testimonials are a great way to gather authentic feedback from candidates. You can look for these in review sections of social media pages and job boards, on a staffing firm’s website or on a 3rd party staffing industry awards platform like ClearlyRated. Candidates who underwent recruitment processes will most likely mention in their testimonials how they got hired. Read enough of them to help you decide if the recruiter you want to work with has your best interest in their minds.


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Find Your Best Employer with The Help of a Staffing Agency.

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