Are you looking for top-tier technology professionals to build a technology-driven expedition? 

Here, we talk about what top tech talent traits you should be looking for in your candidates and which soft and technical skills matter in building a skilled and innovative workforce. 

Why Do Employers Need Skilled Professionals? 

Finding skilled individuals can drive productivity and economic growth. Increased educational attainment and enhanced skills directly elevate productivity among team members, effectively contributing to the overall organization. This expansion enables businesses to tackle more challenging tasks and effectively address complex problems.¹ 

Also, hiring skilled individuals contributes to a company’s financial strategies. This is because each bad hire can cost an average of $18,700, according to a CareerBuilder survey.² 

Hiring Tech Talent: 13 Traits to Look For 

Employing the right candidate brings more than just expertise and skills into your organization. Exceptional employees can also bring about the best in your organization, improving productivity and increasing economic growth. Here are 13 traits you should consider to find top talent. 

1. Effective Communication 

Clear communication is fundamental for successful collaboration and project execution. Exceptional tech talent should possess the skill to convey intricate technical concepts clearly and concisely. Whether engaging with team members, stakeholders, or clients, proficient communication will help bridge technical intricacies and broader understanding. 

2. Collaborative Spirit 

Tech projects seldom operate in isolation as their success thrives on collaboration. Outstanding talent excels in cultivating a collaborative spirit within their teams. This involves actively seeking input, valuing diverse perspectives, and contributing positively to collective efforts. A collaborative mindset proves essential in navigating the intricate network of interconnected tasks defining the tech landscape. 

3. Adaptability and Flexibility 

Exceptional tech talent should demonstrate adaptability and flexibility, seamlessly adjusting to evolving technologies, methodologies, and project requirements. Those who flourish amidst uncertainty, viewing change as an opportunity for growth, would significantly contribute to the resilience and agility of the tech teams they are part of. 

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4. Problem-Solving Aptitude 

While adept at technical problem-solving, the ability to approach non-technical challenges with a problem-solving mindset is equally crucial for top tech talent. Excelling in identifying root causes, devising effective solutions, and applying problem-solving methodologies beyond coding challenges distinguishes exceptional tech talent. 

5. Time Management Skills 

Top tech talent understands the significance of prioritization, meeting deadlines, and efficiently allocating resources. A refined ability to manage time not only enhances individual productivity but also contributes to the timely delivery of projects. 

6. Growth Mindset 

In an interview with CNBC, Sapna Chadha, Vice President at Google Asia Pacific, said she prefers individuals who emphasize idea exchange and innovation, and dislike the status quo.³ She highlighted that a growth mindset is a prevalent characteristic among Google’s most successful staff, emphasizing its significance as one of the primary catalysts for high performance and favorable outcomes.  

Sapna Chadha highlights that to cultivate a growth mindset, employees should “view their career not as a ladder to climb, but a jungle gym.” This approach focuses not solely on vertical progression but also on diverse areas to enhance a candidate’s skill set. 

7. Leadership Qualities 

Whether at the helm of a project, mentoring junior team members, or influencing decision-making, top tech talent should exhibit leadership traits. This includes a combination of confidence, strategic vision, and the ability to inspire and motivate others toward common goals. 

8. Critical Thinking 

Tech professionals engage in critical thinking to assess situations, evaluate alternatives, and make informed decisions. This involves possessing a sharp analytical mind, the ability to foresee potential challenges, and a commitment to sound decision-making based on logic and evidence. 

9. Continuous Learning Mindset 

Top tech talent should embrace a continuous learning mindset, staying informed about emerging technologies, industry trends, and innovative solutions. This proactive mindset ensures ongoing professional development and contributes to the organization’s capacity to innovate. 

10. Resilience and Stress Management 

Confronted with tight deadlines, unforeseen challenges, and the inherent pressure of tech projects, resilience, and stress management become invaluable traits. Top tech talent should remain composed under pressure, navigate setbacks with a resilient mindset, and employ effective stress management strategies to uphold focus and productivity. 

11. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence 

Recognizing the human element in technology is crucial for achieving success. Exceptional tech professionals demonstrate a heightened sense of empathy and emotional intelligence, empowering them to comprehend user requirements, seamlessly cooperate within a team, and adeptly navigate interpersonal dynamics.  

The ability to connect with end-users and collaborate harmoniously with colleagues enhances the overall influence of their technical contributions. 

12. Self-Awareness 

During her ten years at Google, Claire Hughes Johnson, a former Google VP, found self-awareness was rare.⁴ Claire said that highly self-aware people are more motivated to learn. This is because they are more honest about what they need to improve or change. 

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13. Attention to Detail 

For top-tier tech professionals, having attention to detail is crucial for maintaining precision in coding, system configurations, and implementations. Thoroughly examining projects and tasks helps minimize errors, identify and resolve bugs, improve user experiences, and strengthen cybersecurity measures.  

This skill ensures accurate data management, effective project coordination, and regulation compliance. Attention to detail is vital for creating dependable, top-quality solutions in the tech industry, making it a key factor for success. 


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