Deciding on a career was a weighted decision you made years ago. Your legacy would be defined by elevating your unique talents in a way that would add value to this world. After much reflection, you chose a direction. You possibly studied further, and then greeted the working world with outstretched arms!

Now, you’ve most likely worked for a few different companies. Inching your way closer to that dream job is still important to you, but the path there has become obscure in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. (4IR). We live in an explosive time and navigating the employment landscape takes finesse. A corporate merger or acquisition can change your livelihood in an instant!

The US expects 1.4M jobs to become redundant by 2026, and as alarming as this may be- there is a way forward. During this period, 12.4M jobs will be emerging. As our foundation continues to shift, where will you find you find your footing?

Positioning yourself in the 4IR needs a bird-eye approach. Each industrial revolution has taught us that there are key underlying forces that govern the way in which we transform as a society. If we can get a grip on what is propelling humanity’s evolution, we can effectively discover our special purpose in shaping the future!

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Reference: World Economic Forum Towards a Reskilling Revolution A Future of Jobs for All; In collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group