If you are considering taking a temporary position in the field of technology, it’s possible you might still be on the fence about whether or not it is a good idea. Frankly, temping has developed a bit of a negative connotation. In most cases, that bad reputation is completely undeserved. While it’s true that every candidate has their own needs and expectations when it comes to taking a temporary position, today’s article will discuss why you should certainly consider temporary or contract work to be a positive career opportunity. You should consider taking a temporary IT position for any of the following reasons:

+   You are looking to gain experience in a new field.

+   You are interested in testing out a field before committing to a long-term career.

+   You are looking to make connections and build your network.

+   You are looking for immediate placement.


One of the most common reasons why an employer did not hire (or even interview) a potential candidate is a lack of the right experience to make them competitive for the position they were applying for. Temporary work is a great opportunity for skilled workers, particularly in IT positions, to gain the experience they need to be competitive in the workforce. Temporary work offers the skill development IT professionals build their resumes on in preparation for the next step on their career path.

Trial Run

If you are unsure that you want to continue down a particular career path, temporary work can provide the chance to see whether a specific IT field is right for you in the long term. If it is, you have gained the experience and connections that will help you turn short-term work into a long-term position. If it isn’t the right fit, you have the option to depart gracefully and without any negative side effects to your career or professional network.

Building Your Network

Temporary work is a quick and relatively easy way to increase your professional connections drastically in a short period of time. Each new supervisor, client, and co-worker is a potential connection that could connect you with the job of your dreams. Don’t overlook the value of those connections, because they are often the most valuable resource to your job search. That, and your recruiters!

Immediate Placement

Often, many professionals are attracted to temporary work out of sheer necessity, sometimes being employed right away is the only option. Employers appreciate the flexibility that temporary or contract workers provide during high-demand projects, seasonal work, or to work on a temporary to permanent basis. For them, and for many professionals as well, temporary work is a mutually beneficial employment type.

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